february according to my iphone!

love seeing my babies sleep

took jayne to see swan lake at byu with grandma and aunt jo

had fun with a drawing app on my iphone

Jayne writing what she sees around and bubble letters!

Cutie in my robe and slippers

Checkin' out the fish tank at the Provo Rec

Babies feeding babies


Byu Basketball games with this little man!


Jayne's first ballet class!

Anxiously waiting for the class before her to end

Chubby little baby thigh stuck in the crib

I die. I wasn't lying when I said I love documenting my kids asleep.

Getting ready for a Valentine's Day party

My little helpers

Celebrating a day early with Steve at our favorite place

Pretty girl

Vday party for the little ones

Valetine's Day family selfies! All 5 of us!

Love her!

A romantic Vday dinner with the kids (their choice) at Chick-fil-A

Saying hi to Dad at work

Bedtime snuggles and being silly

Vinny turned 3!!! (separate birthday post below)

Steve took V to a monster truck show after his birthday party. He loved it!

Birthday boys dinner at McDonalds


Aunt Kate's old church shoes... we love!

One of Jayne's many unique ensemble choices

What our kitchen looks like on a daily basis


Unique sleeping positions

Ready to trade in his binkies for a toy!

First night binkie free... easy peasy for this one!

More byu games!

Ready for playing AND swimming at the rec center

Snuggles with my niece Emory

Caught this one looking out the window at the cars buzzing by on center

cousin love


finding random art around our house


Music class every Monday! The kids love it.

Sporting the Maryland sweatshirt passed down from his older sibs

Post shower goofballs. V rockin' the Pat Riley hairdo that Steve used to request when he was younger.

Good times in my friend Ashley's backyard

A beautiful day in February

Cutie McCute

Jayne and her chalk art

Caught these two playing a game on their own (Spot It)

Cute girl with Dad at Costco

And last but not least a few favorite art pieces from February:

First Vinny:

A pro at circles!

practicing his hearts (I accidentally uploaded this upside down... woops!)

Family portrait :)

And Jayne:

Jayne and Ellie playing in the leaves

Fashion designs by Jayne. Kills me that she thought of this all on her own too. So funny.

Cute family portrait that I'm in love with.

Valentine Art, me holding frankie with Vinny on left and jayne on right

More Valentine art (she had a whole door covered and then some!)

Jayne's birthday card for Vinny (lovin' the backwards 3)

Jayne and Vinny having a sleepover on his trundle bed.

A beautiful flower :)

Flowers (this girl loves flowers)

a big J and lots of circles. cool stuff! this girl is quite the little artist. 

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