North Captiva Island

In April we had the lucky opportunity to join my siblings Spring Break in Florida! My Dad rented a home on North Captiva Island and told anyone in the family that if they flew out they would have a place to stay and food covered. I wanted so badly for my whole little family to be able to go, but after talking it over with Steve and realizing how unrealistic it was to pay for Jayne and Vinny along with Steve who couldn't really leave in the first place because it was a busy time of year for his soccer teams - Steve, being the awesome husband that he is, told me to go with Frankie and offered to stay with J and V at home. A little getaway for me and my baby before he's no longer my baby this fall? I'll take it! It was such a nice getaway... especially being sick in my first trimester - it was just awesome to have this distraction and relaxation for a week. Much needed and much appreciated. So big thanks to Steve and my mother-in-law for taking care of J and V while we were away! And big thanks to my Dad for putting this trip together and allowing us to come!

Rented a big van to take us from the hotel down to the ferry that would take us to the island!

Frankie driving the ferry ;)

Just before...

.... falling asleep!

Pointing out the island with Uncle Ryan

Soaking in the beach and sunset at dusk.

This kid LOVED the ocean!

My sister Elyse nailing a russian along the horizon.

beach babies.

Beach bum!

Loved the quality time this little one got to have with his Papa. We wish he lived closer.

The weather was so beautiful the whole time we were there (with the exception of one torrential downpour one afternoon)


I had the best Key Lime Pie Icecream of my life. Actually, it was the best ice cream of my life in general if I'm being honest.

Trying to do Dad's trick. Harder than it looks.

All the ladies trying to be brave in the water with the unknown creatures that might be lurking underneath... (i'm a pansy in the ocean)

Hats and SPF

Sav made a mermaid with her Dad. 

Lots of snuggles on the beach after dinner. My favorite time of day.

Another pretty sunset.

I shared this picture as my pregnancy announcement on instagram. I knew that bump was gonna get seen one way or another. I started showing so very early this go around.

Thirsty boy.

Beachy babe


All us Utah gals that flew out for the vacation

We rented boats one day and went Manatee watching. This was the best pic I could get. Pretty neat in person though.

This little boy taking his nap on the boat.

We ate lunch at a delicious burger joint famous for its "cheeseburger in paradise..."

The impending storm.... we ended up boating him in a torrential downpour. we all got completely soaked from head to toe. It was hilarious, a little scary, and unforgettable. It was a miracle the babies stayed happy throughout.

Pool time too!

Frankie loves Uncle Bo Bo.

To get around the car-free island, we had golf carts that we used to get everywhere. This kid LOVED riding in it and would demand to hold the wheel. 

We love Papa!

And Gigi!

Smiley boy at the pool.

Another great sunset... from our porch. We ate every meal out there and it was divine!

Looking for sea shells with Uncle Bo Bo.

Pointing out a passing airplane.

Bike ride around the island with my mom and Dad. 

Facetime with Jayne and Vinny on Easter Morning. I missed them so much!!! Here they are showing me the loot the Easter bunny left them :)

Picture Steve took of the kiddos after church on Sunday. Not the greatest Easter photo but I'll take it ;)

On Easter we packed lunches and went to a remote beach on the island.

Getting buried in the sand by Papa. He loved it!

Kayak ride with Papa.

Reluctantly heading home... but excited to see Dad and brother and sister!

Cute drawings and cupcakes from Jayne and Vinny as a welcome home!

Can't wait to do it again next year!

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