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Had a little scare with this dude when he fell out of his highchair and had what we thought was a seizure (not the shaking kind but the stiff-body-nonresponsive kind) but may have just been a holding breath episode from getting the wind knocked out of him. He got a CT scan that night just to be sure everything was okay (after my Dad called telling me we shouldn't have trusted the paramedics... yikes!) and everything was clear! He hated being strapped down for the scan though, poor guy. We were glad everything was okay and always buckle him in from now on... this kid is our craziest!

Had to document him wearing this outfit that Steve used to wear at his age!

Nursery time at church with cousin violet (Jayne didn't want to go to Primary)

There were a TON of kids!

Vinny looooves Violet. He is so sweet with her.

rough housing

Crazy joker hair after the shower.

Sweet boy passed out after a fun day.

FHE at the park with some chick-fil-A

This girl is getting so big and independent

Sweet face

We went on a hike up at Sundance with Steve's fam. Needless to say, Frankie was not a fan of being strapped in!

He just wanted to walk the whole time, which would have been fine except there were times we were climbing up steep hills/walking down steep hills so during those times he needed to be held and he was NOT happy about it. 

Much more content on Grandma's shoulders

While Frankie only wanted to walk, my older two only wanted to be held.... go figure.

Flowers of course!

We put Jayne to bed in the baby crib in our room. She ended up climbing out in the middle of the night and into our bed. 

Pretty view from our walk.

One morning we heard commotion outside the house and realized a parade was going down our street with bikes people had decorated for the fourth. every year we miss it and every year we say "oh man! we should have done this! next year..." but the kids enjoyed watching from our front stoop.

When Elyse came to town we took the kids to a traveling dinosaur museum in Ogden one afternoon. They had "real life" looking dinosaurs, dinosaur rides, bouncy houses, and crafts. The kids had a good time (after overcoming their initial fear the first five minutes or so). 

A Sunday morning photo with these two. (Frankie was already down for a nap at this point).

Me and my girl.

Elyse is getting so grown up!

Plenty of Hokulia this summer...

The kids watching Elyse and I leave on our date

Pretty Leeseeloo

Happy kid.

Took a selfie just before taking some headshots for a photographer in our ward for a mascara product. It was fun getting dolled up and kind of hilarious trying to play model for an evening.

A lazy Sunday afternoon in alpine with my chica.

Pretty view in Alpine

The kids like to torture him on occasion. He's a good sport.

Carousel. Again. Surprised?

The elephant!

Lots of splash pad days.

This kid lives for water.

Pretty face paint from the Provo Farmers Market.

Summer has been pretty much wiping them out and we are seeing many more naps around here...

Pretty flowers from our yard

Shirtless Frankie.

Gator rides at Grandmas are a favorite.

More Hokulia...

An in n out meal

Taking advantage of the early morning by going on walks alone around the neighborhood. Gives me a quiet chance to read my scriptures/listen to music.

Pretty sunshine through the mountains.

A family day at the Museum of Natural Curiosity

Pool days. Lots and lots of pool days.

Frankie is a pro at swimming with floaties.

More naps.

Family nights at the Pirate Ship Park.

A morning at the Provo Library to pick out some books.

Stud man.

Popsicles with cousin Violet!

Nakey showers at the end of the day.

World Cup documentation.

Soccer Party for coach Steve. The girls gifted him with a shirt of the team. It was cute to see how much they appreciate him.

We loved having Violet in town for a couple of weeks! Play time at the park.

Soaking up some one-on-one time with her one afternoon. She let  me hold her hand.

Binoculars by Jayne.

Overcast morning walk.

Cute boy loves stuffed animals and was obsessed with Violet's dog.

My walk buddy one morning and served as my weights up the staircase at byu.

And some Jayne art:

"Mom with a beard" (nice)

"Designs for my birthday"

"Flower face"

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