Strawberry Days Fair


We took Vinny (on a Mommy Daddy Vinny date?) to the Strawberry Days Fair! Originally we were going to take all the kids to the Rodeo, then we realized how hard that would be with Frankie since it didn't start until after bedtime so we were going to get a sitter and just take Jayne and Vinny... then Jayne started having a total meltdown around 6pm so then we decided to just take Vinny... and then once we left the house we realized the fair would be way more enjoyable for everyone so we bagged the rodeo and off to the fair we went!  Crystal and Morgan and their girls went as well which made it all the more fun for us, especially Vinny who got to ride on all the rides with his best cousin friend. They were were killing us with their cuteness - biggest grins ear to ear, giggling, laughing with each other and just having the time of their lives. It was a great evening!

Walking back to the door Vinny saw this Cars chair on someones property and was so excited when he saw it and asked to sit in it for just a second. We took a quick picture. I'll have to remember this for Christmas.

We took Vinny to the Italian Place for dinner. He loved his steak and cheese sandwich. It was a fun night bonding with our middle child. Such an easy going kid especially when we have him alone! We love you Vinn!

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