Growing up.

My Jaynie girl turned five on Friday. FIVE. I have birthday photos I want to post, but first I thought I'd share these sweet photos I took of her on my iphone about a couple weeks before her birthday. I truly can't figure out how she is already five. Five seems like such a big year to me. It is strange that it seems to have gone by so quickly and yet, at the same time it feels like she's been a part of our family for much much longer. I know it sounds cliche, but it's difficult remembering what life was like before Jayne was in it. Sure I was probably getting a lot more sleep and had fewer wrinkles, but I also imagine life was much duller than it is now. Jayne truly lights up my life and has made me happier than I have ever been before. She has such a special spirit about her - those that know her feel it and recognize it too. She has so much personality and she is just a really sharp little girl that has a passion for life and for her family and friends and for learning about the world around her. She's girly and silly and hilarious. She's tender and sweet and affectionate and loving. She's polite (most of the time) and thoughtful. She's also passionate and opinionated and competitive. She has so much depth and range to her personality at just five years old. Jayne continues to love art and is really talented at it. She can't go one day without creating some sort of art piece whether it's a painting, a drawing, a cutout, etc. It is beginning to rub off on her younger siblings too which is fun. We have art scattered and displayed all over our home and I love it. She loves learning about the world and space and animals. She loves reading and dancing and pretending. She loves being active - swimming and biking and going on walks. She loves to help and work (for the most part) - like making her bed and cleaning her room, making her own food, helping in the yard, helping me with Frankie, or wiping up messes. Sometimes I feel inadequate by all the things she wants to learn to do. For example, she has a passion for flowers, gardening, and creating beautiful things, and while I love flowers I couldn't tell you many of their names and when it comes to gardening or sewing and crafting I am clueless. But thankfully she's got a Grandma nearby who can teach her all those things (and does). The other day I pointed our a white flower and said "Jayne, look at that pretty white flower." And she's all, "Yeah. Those are daisies mom." (ha!). She has a really sharp memory and can remember facts and details really well. She's also got a lot of emotion for such a little thing which can be beautiful and hard all at the same time. She can bring the screams and waterworks on in half a second flat, and can be giggling and laughing and snuggling a second later. But she has so much love to give around her. She's always making presents and gifts for her loved ones and is such a good big sister to Vinny and Franklin. She's my little buddy and I love her more than I can fully express here. Steve and I often say to each other how lucky we feel to be her parents and how amazing we think she is. 
We love love love our Jaynie girl and are so proud of the person she is becoming.

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