DCL Part 1

I brought my nice camera to the lake with every intention of using it and taking some better quality images of our stay there.... but yeah, once again I am going to blame pregnancy, even though I probably would have been to lazy to pull it out even if I wasn't pregnant (but pregnancy is just such an easy and satisfiable excuse isn't it?). So iphone photos will just have to do! I took way too many as usual so I tried my best to narrow it down. And we all know how good I am at narrowing down photos (I'm not) so I decided to break our trip up into several (and I mean several) parts. If you are family you will love this. And if you aren't then you can just ignore all my posts and go do something better with your time! ;)

First family boat ride on the lake. This was the end of the ride and as you call we were all pretty sleepy. 

Little man taking everything in- the boats! the ducks! the lake! He kept hitting Steve yelling "Daddy! Daddy!" and then pointing to something off in the distance.

hammock time

Just a funny picture of V requesting foot tickles at church. My kids live for tickles!

Pretty flower braid

Charlie and Papa

Had a hard time coming to terms that I couldn't waterski this year. This is the first year I haven't been able to go. While I have been pregnant other trips it was always very very early on that I could still ski... but this year would have probably been a little irresponsible. Ha. 


Swim time with Dad!

Hot tub time with Dad!

All day every day

Homemade donuts with the most gorgeous view ever

morning ride


The kids also loved the jetski

And of course.... lots and lots and lots of ice cream.

Wish this guy could stay all three weeks. 

The kids loved finding frogs outside and holding them for hours as their little pets. Poor frogs.

More hammock time with all my peeps

Dollar store gorgasaurus! V making his best dinosaur sound.

Cutie McCute in overalls

Helping me blow out his bagel bites 

Happiest kid I know.

Naps only happened on the boat for the older two.

Sister cousins

Sweet face

Even sweeter when he brought home flowers for me from his river adventure. "I want you to sleep with them in your bed every night!"

He killllls me!!!

My Dad busted out some old new year resolutions list from 2003. Mine was boring so I took a picture of my brother Adams. We could not stop laughing. Things got much better for Adam down the road of life, thankfully. ;)

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