DCL Part 4

Awesome windblown hair

I have a thing for sleeping photos ok?

Amazing views every night at our "adult only" dinners

Sweetest face early in the morning

Frankie mastered the use of the fork over the trip

I title this "They flock to him." Truly, they do.

This brave baby boy went down the HUGE waterslide we have out on the lake and loved it!

The best new investment - this floating device that served the perfect spot to sit, socialize, catch some rays, and allows the little kids to splash in the middle (mesh).

Love him.

Jayne asked me to take a picture of her by the sparkling water for Daddy. I love her. 

Couldn't resist a little splashing in the lake before bed. 

Major saggy diaper! And yes, Jayne is naked.

We missed the provo bakery so we added sprinkles to Papa's homemade donuts.

More tube rides! Frankie would bawl and bawl if Taylor ever tubed without him. This kid is insane and has no fear!

Vinny, Andrew, and Danny on their own tube together. So cute.

It's like I don't even exist when he's around..

Snuggles with my sleepy girl.

Hammock fun with the favorite.

We had a girls luncheon and my dad did face paint on the kids while we were gone. ha. 

V loved it!

All the ladies.

Brave girls standing up on the tube ride!

Lots of kids. 

Jayne especially loved the waverunner.

Happy boy just before bed. 

His face pretty much kills me. Always.

Always look forward to our annual crab feast. We eat into the darkness and it is divine!

Happy mama with a mexican coke and crabs!

Frankie trying to fit in with the big kids.

Richards Challenge!

My Dad raising the family flag (Steve designed) we gave him for Christmas.

Baby Challenge: Who can eat the nutrigrain bar the fastest. Yeah... Frankie dominated.

Family pics.

Cousin love.

Jayne drew drawings of all the different families for the Richards Challenge. 

We tried to fit in as much facetime with Dad as possible.

Happy kid.

Jen out on the paddle board with Jayne. We don't own one, some people came over with it to use our trampoline and let Jen try it out. But trying to convince my Dad to get a couple for next year.

It aint a lake trip without plenty of ice cream runs. 

Oreo, cake batter, key lime pie, and dark chocolate.

Tooshie squeeze! Family swim, Frankie got to go in nakey.

Lives for the tub. We take showers at home so this was an amazing novelty to him. Getting clean in a miniature pool?! Sign him up!!!

Frankie's turn behind the wheel!

Jayne and Papa went for their own little swim one evening.

And at last, back home with Daddy.

And Grandma!

We had such a fabulous three weeks at the lake. It never disappoints. Sure, it is crazy and chaos and exhausting - but nothing beats seeing family and spending some much needed time together in one of the most beautiful places. Already looking forward to next year!

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