We flew home to Maryland for our yearly Deep Creek Lake vacation with my side of the family. We came out a few days early so we could visit a little bit in Potomac/Darnestown where Steve and I both grew up. The kids were more than thrilled to be flying on an airplane to "Papa and Gigi's house." It is so fun now that they are starting to remember things from years past about my parents house and the lake house. It makes me excited knowing that they will build on those memories every year and that hopefully Maryland will hold a special place in their hearts as well. 

The kids were great on the ride. Frankie and Vinny fell asleep for a good chunk which made it pretty easy, especially having Steve there to help.

Little trooper

My mom picked us up from the airport and we got a quick bite to eat at IHOP before heading home. Frankie is usually really timid of new people (even family) but warmed up to my mom in seconds. It was really cute. He would let her hold him and throughout the rest of the trip would say her name and try to talk to her (in his own language of course). 

My parents lush green backyard. The first thing I notice whenever I come back home is all the GREEN. It is so beautiful. 

Exploring my backyard. Looking for crawfish with Dad.

One afternoon we got lunch from Vie de France (one of my favorite places that I have to have every time I come home) for their croissant sandwiches, pastries, and best of all - their Cookie Monster shake. 

Shannon came up to Potomac with her kids when we got there so we were happy to have cousins to play with! Jayne especially loves her Jordy.

Zonked out on the way home from the pool.

Can't go home without eating at our favorite restaurant of all: Uncle Julio's Rio Grande. Steve actually went there twice. We went together with our friends Josh and Tiffany and then he went again with a buddy of his. The meat fajitas are out of this world. This post is quickly becoming all about food. I must be pregnant.

We took this guy along on our dinner date with friends. He loved the park outside the restaurant.

One day we packed all the kids in the cars and headed for the national zoo! 

Frank especially loved the ducks

Love and miss this sister of mine.

Cute face while taking a break on a bench.

More food. We made a stop at Shake Shack on the way home. It was crazy driving through the city and trying to park to get this food we love so much, but it was worth the hassle!

Porch ride with Papa in their PJs. (tongue twister!). These kids LOVE their Papa. He truly is the best.

On our way out of town to the lake we stopped by Steve's home to show the kids where he grew up. I know I'm cheezy, but it makes me a little emotional when I look at this picture. It doesn't seem that long ago when we were young and falling in love at this place and now look where we have come! Almost four kids later. Love that man and our little family so freaking much.

Totally random but every time we drive to the lake I have to stop at Roy Rogers for the Gold Rush chicken sandwich. I typically hate fast food and only eat it if I have to... but you guys... this sandwich is something I would go out of my way to eat and wish they had in Utah. So good. Not just for fast food. It's just really good. Steve thinks I'm crazy but he admitted liking it when I had him get one. Now how can we get a Roy Rogers in Provo?

Next up... the lake!

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