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Jayne thinks the broken heart symbol means you "don't like something" (instead of a broken heart..). In the car she asked Kate "Who do you like?" and wrote it on a heart and then asked her "Who do you not like?" and wrote it on the other heart and then ripped it in half. 

Lots of splash pad fun this summer. 

And lots of goldfish too. A snack essential.

Trampoline fun.

Hikes to Stewart Falls.

Love these kids!!!!!

Helping frankie splash in the water.

Frankie was under the weather one evening. We took some pouty selfies.

Did I mention I'm pregnant? Bigger post to come soon.

Discovered this kid loves Corn on the cob!

And giving Grandma Middie kisses.

And of course, helping blow out (or spit out) birthday candles.

Matchy Matchy. Thanks to Grandma of course!

Delicious summer Sunday dinners.... mmmmm

Quality pool time with cousins.

Kids Road Rally at the Riverwoods. Handed out free ice cream. 

Jayne was in heaven cleaning her scooter. It was sparkling by the time we left. 

The start line!

Our most fierce competitor in a skirt and all.

More princess scooter cleaning..

And some more frankie face cause i can't help myself.

A date night with this boy.

My brother being a real gem and taking all the kids to the pool by himself. Holy moly!

Grandma Middie spoiled Jayne with 5 five dollar bills for her birthday. She was excited!

The last night as a four year old.

Beating the heat at Target. Kids got to check out toys and put them in the cart and miraculously never threw any tantrums when we left everything at the store and didn't buy anything.

Hit up a car wash. Boys acting a bit nervous.

Getting ideas for me and Steve... you know...

Snuggles with his Tay Tay

Jayne's "birthday cake" she had taped up on the fireplace for forever before her actual birthday. Funny girl.

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