First Day of School!

First Day of School pictures for these two munchkinheads. If you are wondering about the last photos of Jayne... that was when we were taking Vinny's pictures and she wanted me to get a picture of her with the "snowflake" she made all by herself. She loves putting that scarf around her head lately. Funny and cute. 
The kids had great first days of school. Jayne was a little nervous but excited to go, and came home super giddy and happy, chatting about the day. I kept on a happy face the entire time I dropped her off so she wouldn't have any reservations, and then I bawled like a little child all the way home. Yes, I am one of those moms. 
Jayne even made a friend named Ellie the first week (the same name as one of her best friends!). Vinny told me he wishes he could go to preschool everyday (he goes twice a week). Maybe next year. I am relieved that they are happy and comfortable where they are. I was really nervous about Jayne starting Kindergarten and contemplated homeschooling for awhile. But with baby number four coming in a couple months I knew it would be a little too much on my plate to try and homeschool and have four kids at home with me everyday. So this will be good for the season we are in at the moment. And we'll just play it by ear and see how the year goes. So far so good!

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