Franklin at 18 months

Frankie turned 18 months this week! The photos above are from a rainy morning exploring for snails. My kids love snails (remember our pet snail last year?). I love how Frankie is totally at an age now where he can keep up with his older siblings and they all really play so well together. I've always believed that once your second baby can play with the first child, having more children ain't so hard because the older ones play together and keep each other entertained. It is awesome. 

We love our Frankie Frank. Jayne and Vinny adore him, and while he can occasionally get on their nerves (ie taking their toys while they are playing with them), for the most part they truly get along so well with him and love to include him on anything they are doing. One of their favorite things that Frankie does is give hugs because he does the cutest little back pat with his hands. It is the funniest thing. He also loves to give out kisses and if anyone is getting a hug or a kiss from me or Steve, Frankie will want one right after too. 

Frankie loves his older siblings and loves to copy everything they do. It is why I believe he crawled and walked and ran and jumped so early on because he wanted to keep up with them. If they climb up things, he wants to climb up the same thing. If they eat something, he wants some too. It has also been the cause of a lot of bumps and bruises because he thinks he is capable of doing all the same things they can do (like walking down the stairs like a big kid). 

While the pictures above hardly depict this kid's smiley bubbly and giggly personality, he is FULL of all of those things on the daily. This kid loves to be silly and goofy and make people laugh. He loves getting tickled by Dad and loves doing things that get a laughing reaction out of us or his siblings.  And the best part is he is truly hilarious and I will find myself genuinely laughing at the things he does everyday. We love it. 

Now for all the things Frankie loves at this age:
spot, blankey, binky
dancing to music
nutrigrain bars and yogurt
his family
climbing up things
cars (driving them around the house)
going outside (will grab his shoes every morning and take them to us)
riding in the bucket bike
uncle tay tay
dinosaurs (mainly cause of vinny)
jumping on the trampoline
swimming! (fearless in water)
jumping on the couch
being silly
shower/bath time
giving hugs/kisses
passing and throwing balls
mooching off other people's food
opening grandma's drawer (he picked up on this recently and will now run in their on his own everytime we go)
books (but will hardly sit through one)
giving high fives
baby - looooves rubbing my bare belly and going "awww" and snuggling it, ha
being independent (likes to feed himself and will get mad if you try to do it for him)

Things Frankie dislikes at this age:
When he has long sleeves on that go past his hands, he starts whining and wants his hands out of the sleeves or rolled up right away!
Most fruits and vegetables (except bananas, pickles, raisins, fruit leather or fruit smoothies)
getting his face wiped
diaper changes (but has gotten better)
feeling left out (he is very much aware of people leaving the house or going anywhere without him!)

Franklin is my earliest mover but my latest talker. Jayne was saying words before she was even one and was full blown talking by his age. And while he is incredibly chatty (will have full blown conversations in gibberish) he is just barely starting to pick up on a lot of words and phrases. It is so fun when they start doing this and we are loving witnessing him learning how to vocalize things lately. 
Some of the words/phrases he has known for a little while:
jayne ("jay")
spot ("pah")
water (ok so he doesn't really say water, he'll just go "ah! ah!" but he gets the point across)
ball ("ba")
car ("cah")
outside ("ah-sie")
tay tay
grandma ("mama")
all done ("ahl dah")
sorry ("owie")
hi __
bye __
where are you ___ ("eh ah ooh")
uh oh

Recent words:
blanket ("bebe")
binky ("baby")
buckle  ("uckle")
milk ("munk")
fish (goldfish) ("ish")
snack ("nah!")
bar (for nutrigrain bar) ("bah")
crystal ("dit dal")
vinny ("ninny")
snowcone ("no co")
baby ("baby" - same as binky)
doggy ("doddy")
nose ("no"and points)
eye ("ah" and points)
mouth ("mow" and points)
ear ("eh" and points)
color ("lolo")

Recent phrases:
I'm happy ("I appy!")
I color ("I yolo")
I love you mommy ("I yuh mommy")
These he used to sign for but now will try and say it... not very close to the real thing
but glad that he is trying:
Please mommy ("ahhh mommy")
Thank you mommy ("ah-ah" mommy")

There probably others I'm forgetting but these were the ones that came to mind. 

Our Franklin is energetic, and fearless, and tough. He'll get scraped up and won't even cry, so when he does actually cry we know that he truly hurt himself pretty bad. He gets roughhoused by his siblings and isn't afraid to dish it back. They love wrestling all together and it's pretty fun to watch.  He loves music and dancing and has some of the sweetest dance moves around. He loves playing soccer with Steve or throwing a basketball in the hoop. Like I said already, he just loves doing anything the older kids are doing. He isn't much of a sit still boy, so he won't last long in a show or a movie (which is funny to see the difference between siblings because Jayne would sit through an entire movie at 1 year old). He is also just the sweetest kid - very affectionate with hugs and kisses, folds his arms during prayers, very gentle with babies and animals, and usually quick to say sorry if he hurts someone by accident.

He is a total dreamboat of a kid and we feel so very lucky to have him in our family. It makes me sad when I think about him being my littlest baby for only a little more than a month before this next baby comes. Of course he'll still be my baby, but he will seem so much bigger to me when this newborn arrives. I love my Franklin so much. His big blue eyes are killer. His smile and laugh and personality are contagious and he is seriously just the best thing ever. 

We love you Frankie!

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