more of our august through the iphone

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jayne right back at it the next morning after we got home from the lake

back at it in our honda pilot too.. kids happily watching a movie

snuggles with grandma

pool day with my friend kim and her daughter ellie


movie night with savannah banana

climbing up the door frame "like grandma used to do when she was younger"

love these three like nobody's business

gonna miss those naturally bleached tips once it gets cold

busted in the backseat. jayne gave him a chocolate coin without me knowing and he went to town. 

plenty of snowcones. so sad hokulia is closed for the season.

wanted to be naked one evening after swimming

sibling fun at the provo rec

teamwork - big sisters are the best

a morning alone - just me and my donut and some peace and quiet...mmmm

sometimes he gets the front mixed up with the back

pulled out the danish rainboots one rainy morning

future cougars! 

little helper (not really) at costco

Morgan's birthday party. Kids obviously wanted to blow out the candles.

Jayne asking me if I "wished daddy and I could dance like that" while watching SYTYCD

Sleepy photos

Tired boy at the end of the day. Just planted himself there under his highchair

Windy/stormy day at the park in alpine

They always end up in the craziest sleeping positions when they share a bed

Family time up in Logan... frankie's suspenders kill me

Violet petting the horse - frankie was too afraid to touch

Their favorite is getting hugs from Frankie

My heart

Jayne's clay girl

Jayne's "store".. she had me buy things from her store. Vinny did it too.

That time Jayne directed me from the Rec center all the way to the "store with the bunnies" that I had never been to before and didn't know where it was and she totally got us there successfully (and there were lots of turns). Cracked me up with how this girl has such a stellar sense of direction.

Same car, different time. Frankie bumped her hand while she was "gently" trying to get a booger she said. She was screaming and saying "why did he have to come! if he didn't come I wouldn't have a bloody nose!" I had nobody to help me so I did what any normal mom would do and took a quick pic to document. haha. good times.

Jayne took a picture of Vinny's "mess" he made with her beads. Haha.

Vinny art!

First day of Kindergarten!

Hard to say goodbye but so proud of this girl. And she loved it!

I cried when I got home. And then treated myself to a popsicle. Basically I'm three years old.

Sleepy bum.


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Julie said...

This is the only way I could figure out to get you this link of all the baby names. Fun to visit a minute last week :)