Museum Time!

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They always call it "Grandma's Dinosaur Museum" since it's close to Grandma's house, ha

Giving me her best dinosaur face - ha

Frankie was so unsure of the sand... it was pretty funny.

There he goes!

Kisses for Violet

Snuggles for Frankie

Shark teeth

Exploring for bones

Building with Lauren and Mike


We put Frankie in the hat too and he almost climbed up and out of it. Would have been funny to see him stuck behind the window in that little room.

The outdoor play area is pretty amazing too. They even have a zipline that Jayne and Vinn were loving.

Vinny had this little water area all to himself for a good little while. Now that school is in session this place is far less busy (if you get there right when it opens). 

Zonked out after a day of fun


The kids love the Shark tunnel

That's one way to view them from above.... 

.....I am probably a bad mom for not making them get off the ground.

Frankie and the Parrot

Big bro and sis cheering Frankie on

Frankie the Penguin

We've hit up a bunch of museums over the last couple weeks when the weather was on the chillier side. Their cousin Violet was in town so we met up with her at each museum and the kids loved doing them all over again with her. We love living so close to these amazing museums. The family membership to Thanksgiving Point has been SO worth it. We've payed it off forever ago in visits and will use that thing like none other this fall and winter when baby comes. Such a great deal. It's so fun seeing my kids get so excited as they explore a museum. They always want me to see what they are looking at and while it's kind of exhausting because they'll be yelling "Mom! Mom!" and tugging at me this way and that, I love that get enjoyment out of seeing my reaction to things. It's pretty cute. 

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