A few days after getting home from Maryland, we made our way up to Sundance with Steve's family for a long weekend staycation. Lauren and Mike and their little Violet was in town visiting, so it made for some quality cousin time. It was so cute seeing them bond over the time they were here. Sundance is so beautiful, but I especially love it right now while it's still nice and green with touches of fall in the air. It smells so good. The kids had such a great time exploring outside and going on walks. Jayne brought some paper and a crayon along with her one afternoon as her "discovery book" where she would draw any discoveries she made along the way (butterflies, fairy homes, etc.). One day we drove up to Cascade Springs. It's a natural springs in the mountains with paths and boardwalks built throughout. It was really beautiful and the kids enjoyed it - that is, until Vinny got stung by a bee (poor guy). I don't think I've ever heard him scream so loud. One evening Grandma Middie babysat the kids so all the older crew could go to see The Fiddler On the Roof at the Sundance Theater. Me and Steve had never seen Fiddler on the Roof or seen any show at the Sundance Theater so that was a really fun experience for us. I love the atmosphere and the play was great! At intermission we got hot chocolate and homemade bread with honey butter and I was a happy pregnant lady. Other fun activities including little crafts for the kids, playing games, great conversation, and just relaxing up at the cabin. We all had a great time. Sundance never disappoints. 

Kids being dramatic and acting like the hill we were walking up was just about going to kill them.

These two... so glad they have each other.

Exploring with Grandma

We counted 60+ butterflies on our walk... they are everywhere!

Made their own little clay animals, water colored, and made bead necklaces

Frankie is hard to keep up with the minute he's outdoors.

Jayne and her "discovery book"

She wanted a picture with the flower

Photo courtesy of Jayne

Photo by Jayne

Photo by Jayne

Love these critters

Jayne wanted a picture by the "fairy house"

Found these two snuggled up asleep

Helping Grandma out in the yard with their own gloves!

Beautiful views on the way to Cascade Springs

The only pic I got at the Springs. The water was so clear.

Midway for lunch. Frankie got excited about these horses and even tried to climb over the fence.

Fiddler on the Roof!

More sleepyheads

More gorgeous views outside..

Love that cheezy grin...

... and that crazy grin too!

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