october iphone photo dump! (click to enlarge)...

Oreo face!

Cute little love notes from jayne 

cutest from behind

Provo Beach fun with cousins

Celebrating my grandparents anniversary with my mom in town

ice cream!

newly painted walls


Calling Tay Tay

Our conference girl wanted to dress up for conference. love her. 

packing raspberries between sessions

heart melted when these two held hands out of school

Frankie drawing :)

More Jayne ARt

A map :)


vinny balloons

Vinny hearts

Pumpkin patch fun with Vinny's preschool!

Grandparents-Grandkids date!

Cute cousins at Sundance

Before Kitchen (after photo to come!)

Atlas one of our kids isn't afraid of dogs 

BYU soccer alumni game!

Look at that face for his ice cream haha

Dinosaurs by Vinny!

More lovely Sundance

Vinny is a really detailed colorer

Jayne made her very own matching game for FHE

Frankie and the giraffe at the bean museum

Jayne and the butterflies

Feeling huge

RSL game!

Jayne's letter to Santa... in October. 

Naked boys. Love. 

Homemade halloween decor by this cute girl

Tay Tay's bday celebration at Pizzeria!

Jaynie girl

That time Jayne let Savannah take her dress and get candy when she forgot her costume.

Temple by Jayne

Curiosity Museum!

We celebrated our 8th anniversary with a traditional family breakfast at Magleby's

Love them more than anything!

Had dinner at communal alone

Crazy hair day at school!

HUUUUUGE! Shortly before baby made his arrival.

Pumpkin decorating!

Painted kitchen!

Pretty leaves


Music time zebra!

Class Party

Grandma came down and helped with everything!

The dinosaur, the fairy, the dying pregnant mom, and the cute panda

Little friends!

Excited to trick or treat!

What a fun month for our family!

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