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 Our biggest event of November was welcoming Hans into our family (or going to Disneyland if you ask Vinny and Jayne.. jk). I tried to take some newborn shots of this little guy, but he hated when I took off the blanket, or removed his binky, so they are what they are. I still love them. The blanket was a gift from Monette and the cute beanie a gift from his aunt Lauren.

The rest of these pics are probably out of order but at least they are all here for memories sake... (keeping up with blogging is hard work!)....

Me and my boys ;)

Grandma took Jayne to the Royal Ballet of Cambodia. Apparently the dancing was really weird and not very enjoyable. Can you tell by Jayne's face? Ha ha. 

My cuties.

Dad helped them create this huge cardboard house with our couch box. They had a blast decorating it and playing inside. 

I completed the nursery! It was a fun project. It used to have pink walls and was our storage/craft room. Now it's a nursery/craft room until we can move the big craft table down into the basement. The quilt hanging on the wall was a gift from Grandma Middie (an antique quilt). We love the colors and love having it as the focal point of the room. 

Getting huge

Halloween craft with Dad while I slept in.

Getting the kids familiar with the hospital I was soon to be staying at

The night before I had baby. I am huge!

Cutest face EVER

Snuggle bug baby

Love the awkward newborn faces when they can't control their eyes!

This kid asked to hold Hans... sweetest thing. Look at his face.

Love them!

Scaring Frankie with his homemade mask

The sweetest

I have a good emotional crying sesh the night I get home from the hospital with each baby. It's like clockwork. Just a mix of overwhelming joy and gratitude, with a little bit of nostalgia mixed in thinking about how fast they grow.

Jayne's Halloween costume ideas above (from October.. can't remember if I already posted)


Little feet

Always an audience 

Me in the hospital bed holding Hans :)

Went to a dance party in celebration of my sister, 5 days after giving birth. I waddled for a good 30 min and then went back home to bed. ha. The things I do for you sis!

Just a little guy

Peeing on the potty and making the "sss" sound. 

Hans joining us for dinner.

An evening walk... just me and Frankie.

Hugs for Gigi! We were so grateful to have her in town to help after Hans was born. She is a saint!

The green suit lives on!

Dinosaur obsession always. Love it.

Can't get enough of this kid

Baby holding baby 

Staying up to watch The Voice!

I love when they are this tiny and can just snuggle

I dressed the boys the same and came to find out that Sav and I were matching too. 

Byu basketball games - always a blast

Loved the rainbow display at the MOA. I don't think it's ever coming down!

Lighting of the riverwoods with family and friends!

Adam got his mission call! Grateful for FaceTime so I could watch him open it.

FaceTime on FaceTime on FaceTime

Love my family

And that face!

Weird to be a mom of four!

They all wanted to come to Hans first check up.

Love this. 

Making thankful trees!

Being resourceful all by himself.

Jayne is always doing something crazy when it comes to bedtime.

A safe distance.

Frankie loooooves Santa! ;)

Cute carousel boy

Jayne's Christmas list


Magleby's know how to pie 

Steve took Jayne and Vinny to California with Kate for soccer and Disneyland!

I stayed in Alpine and got to see my dear friend Shannon one day

Sink Tub. The best. 

Nice one Vinn!

These kids were so cute face timing with hans. They kept saying "he's so cute! I wish i could just jump in the phone and see him and kiss him!"

Max being sweet with hans... worth capturing a photo during church ;)

A grin!

Worst blowout of his life... saved for when Dad isn't around to help. 

Photos sent from California!

The beach!

Jayne saw a dog. lol.

Maybe one day she will like dogs.

Missed these cuties but they had the best time!

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