Christmas at the Cabin

We celebrated Christmas up at the cabin this year with Steve's family. It was one of the most (maybe the most?) magical Christmases ever! I think I can safely say it was my very FAVORITE christmas ever because with four kids, two of which had a strong understanding of the Santa tradition, made it all the more fun. It snowed Christmas eve, leaving us with beautiful fluffy white snow covering the mountain right outside the window. We played games, opened presents, ate delicious food, went sledding, and just soaked in our time together as a family. It was wonderful! I posted some photos from our time at the cabin in a previous post, but I wanted to share some photos from our nicer camera as well. Enjoy.

Our attempt at a Christmas photo. Jayne was not liking the cold!

is that not the sweetest site you've ever seen?

puzzles were a hit

the train was a hit for the little ones

lots of quality naps


violet loved her fancy dress ups. 


ice queen!

steve was the jump making pro

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