What a december! Packed to the brim with family fun, this month did not disappoint. It was especially magical spending Christmas up at Sundance this year with Steve's family. And even more fun having Hans there! These pictures did not upload in chronological order, and since I don't want to spend countless hours organizing 200+ photos on here, it is what it is. Enjoy.... (click to enlarge)

the kids loved grandma and grandpa's train



christmas morning!

homemade gifts/art from jayne... what a sweetie

visiting grandma middie! he was smiling so big and cooing so much

sledding time!

he's not sure how he feels about the bear outfit... but i can nearly handle it ;)

Angie's baby(s) shower!

byu basketball games are always a blast

Finn being the cutest in his knight dress-up

Cousins stopped by for a quick visit!

The "middies" on Grandma Middie's 80th birthday

Cutest bum

Cabin getaway with Crystal and her kids

Emory :)

The green suit!

Welcoming in the new year at Provo Beach Resort 

Cousins in the tub! 

Some two on one frankie time (me, frankie, and hans) while Dad and Jayne and Vinny are at disneyland!

Went to Grandma Middie's for her "secret project"

Lunch at zupas!

The many faces of Frank... 

Stopped at Rock Canyon to see the filming going on with David Archuleta. Incredible!

Sweet boy

Curiosity museum with cousin Violet!

We love when Violet is in town. Quality selfies with this chick!

More disneyland!

They're home! Jayne and Vinn seem very happy to be back!

Jayne was so excited about the Christmas lights I put in her room while she was away

But she was most happy to be reunited with her baby brother

More disney... like I said... out of order photos here

Daddy got a haircut! And shaved! Who is this guy?!

Mommy daughter date with Ellie and kim!

There was a section where you write something that someone did that was kind, and Jayne wrote "savannah shared her anna dress"

Jayne art

baby boy just being cute

Art studio at the MOA

Jayne's frankenstein masks she made

Looking good!

Frank feeling nostalgic about when he used to be the baby... ;)

The moment Crystal decided it was time to get pregnant again... hehe:)


Lovin on Hans

Jayne selfie with her lipstick :)

Ginny's Christmas program. He screamed in hysterics before it started because I think he was so nervous about it... but when they started he settled down instantly and ended up having a good time! I was so proud of him!

Nutcracker with the girls!

Porter Family Christmas party/program

Pretty sunset on the mountains

Gingerbread making time!

Dino museum

jayne took a picture to show me the mess frankie made so he could be punished... ha.


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