just your usual photo dump post for the month. catching up on a years worth of photos is reallllllly fun! (Not). ... (click to enlarge)...

snuggles with Chloe up at the cabin

Close up of this cute little munchkin

Balloon faces

Date night! Woot woot!

What's better than one Steve.....?


The cars PJs live on!

Cute lil belly button.. yum

Milky drunk

Me and Jayne at the temple <3 p="">
Jayne's grocery list. see if you can tell what they are. :)

spoiler: reeses puffs, the cereal that is covered with frosting (frosted mini wheats), yogurt, cookies, blueberries, chocolate milk, and pretzels

I don't usually post nursing photos but I really wanted to document it somehow. I love nursing.

Jayne put on her soccer clothes for bed without us knowing. Silly girl.

My boys :)

Angel baby

I love you mom and dad you are the best family

Soccer player by Vinny

A map

Forgot to rotate these... Ginny's dinosaur

Another dino! This kid is good!

Jayne's santa clause picture for Dad

GNO to BYU basketball!

This kid is the best

Nakey yoga time with cousins!

Hot chocolate time

Nice and chocolatey and ready for a bath


Dinosaur show with Dad!

That time I was the sickest I have ever been in my life and had to document the disarray that was my house from Steve having to work all day and me literally not being able to do ANYTHING. (Hell).

Recovering from my illness with the snuggliest babe ever. Great, now I want another one right now.

These kids and their iPad. 

Jayne is a bedtime HOARDER!

That time Vinny was sleep talking to me. 

Vine came along to Hans' checkup. I love these boys.

Snuggles with Tay Tay

My life with boys

Curiosity Museum with friends

Gramps and Hans


Road trip!!!



Cousin time!!!

Frank totally bonked his lip and bruised his teeth. OUCH

yummy yum

Pretty Jayne

Living like royalty

Sweetest big sister

He's too good to me. (that time I was looking at my phone for a long time and then peaked down to see him smiling right back up at me with a look of pure love in his eyes. I felt so guilty!)

Jayne and Tilly!

"He's choking me"- Hans

Tumble gym!

Sweet face

Jayne being creative to keep Hans entertained

Another road trip to Alex's funeral

Beautiful arch

Jayne and Ellie having a blast while we are away thanks to the Christensons

Beautiful doves at the funeral

Family selfie with Hans when Steve and I were getting ready for bed... LOLz


Looks comfy


We love Grams


I love him

And him

Sweet unexpected "gifts" from Jayne when we come upstairs to bed (when she should be asleep...)

Love seeing the awkward way she sleeps every night

Dino museum with this goofball

Love you too Jaynie girl!

Andrew's 30th birthday bash... living it up with mocktails

Cuties at the car wash

Frank sneaking in a sweet for Hans

Ballet with these beauties!

You wouldn't know it, but this photo documents the WORST day of my life is a mom of four. Hard, tired, emotional.... I bawled like a baby the whole night... never had a day like that before. It was bad. The silver lining is that I can't really remember all the details... ha!!! Thank heavens. 


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