bear with me as i continue to plow through our year of photos.

sometimes it's hard to not be the baby anymore

a selfie before i left these hooligans for a long weekend away with just hans!

boys always get the best lashes

adam took place of mom and dad for an evening with mr. frank. ha!

the yummiest

love my dad!

so fun spending 4 days in vegas with my parents and little brother adam

beautiful red rock hike

bryson is like a for real doctor now! weird!

missing this cute boy (and my others)

fancy night out to brio for dinner

a surprise limo to take us to the show!

shopping time with this snuggle bug

can't leave vegas without hitting up one of the hotel buffets!

so fun spending time with adam before he left on his mission to tawain

jayne art

always excited to FaceTime taylor. 

celebrating 100 days of school! Jayne a chic grandma for the day

Her "old lady face"

Going to the temple with this guy is always a treat

one of the many sleeping positions of jayne

we have four kids (?!?!)

chocolate chip pancakes a staple in our home

waking up to this :)

my love bugs

church wears me out too bud

karate jayne

feeling like my mom - hot rollers and nursing

they are pretty fab if i say so myself

date nights with this chica gets me through! :)

more jaynie art

vinny's rainbow :)

that time i found a print on sarahjanestudios that was MADE for frankie!

we love costco family trips - or in this case, me and the boys

that time i desperately flew a kite in no wind to please my vinny vinn

a usual scene...

dad is the most fun

ball games!


family trip to cedar city for valentines and vinny's birthday! (steve's soccer)

we are the luckiest to have this boy in our family!!!

one of jaye's creations

these kids are cray cray

kate and jayne date to go ice skating! lucky girl!!!!

nihola in the snow

went to school with a scarf and came back with a jihab

good times february!

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