pre church photos with these goofballs

our craziest jumper - off the counter, no big deal

frankie art!

lightning mcqueen in each hand since 2013


Javier is finally a citizen of the USA!

Fairy Tea Party at the Provo Library!

My Maryland home! So beautiful covered in the snow.

Still loves her monkey :)

My birfday - 29!


Updated family selfie for my birthday!

birthday breakfast at Joe's

Makes you feel right at home

Jayne surprised me by decorating the entire dining room for me and making my own birthday present opening center in the corner. i sure love that girl.

Took my best girl to get our nails done for my birthday

homemade cards... my favorite

dinner at happy sumo!

"Riding in papa's boat"

Slab with Johanna!

My laundry buddy!

That time I find Adam 4.0 on instagram

love getting this goober up from his nap!

Jayne is petting a dog! I repeat! Jayne is petting an ACTUAL DOG!

Man bun

!!!! I love him!!!

Love notes for me from my favorite girl. she's the best!

Vinny and Hans!

Best big sister

Gramma Middie came to tell the kids about their irish heritage for st. patty's day

Cute gifts for the kids! We love grandma middle!

Happy Birthday FRANK!!!!

Bday celebration at Lowes Extreme Airsports! 

Lightning Mcqueen themed... his favorite

"I two"

Reading her brother a story

Sent Adam off to the MTC! See you in two years!

Sleeping beauty

Love walking to and home from school with this girl

Girl date with Tilly!

Date night

our "mommy daughter date" itinerary according to Jayne :)

I thought I rotated these... guess not. Sweet notes from Jayne.

Future cougar!

Other future cougar!

Love my kids!

Pouty face master

Love my Jayne

After a brutal screaming session

Vinny a biking pro to get Jayne from school (right before we took off his training wheels!)

Learning new tricks everyday

Savannah's bday!

answer your phone crystal

I got bangs

Jayne was jelly of me and save

Morning bangs are extra hot

beautiful temple day

Cuties before church

Jayne drew this during sacrament. It's grandpa frank in his chair, working on a painting. The best is her caption. Sweet girl. 

Cousin time in Vegas! Just missing Charlie :(

Jayne passed the test and swam the whole length of the pool without stopping!

From Steve's iPhone!

Love this, love her. 

Next up, April!

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