Hans' Baby Blessing

Our sweet Hans was blessed on May 3rd 2015. It was a beautiful spring day, and we were so lucky to have so many family that could be there. Steve gave a beautiful blessing to our son, and I was reminded once again how richly blessed we are to have such strong priesthood holders in our family. Hans has so many wonderful examples to look up to, and I am so incredibly grateful for that. We sure love our Hans. What a great day.

Hans is named after Hans O. Magleby, the first ancestor of the family to come to America and join the church all the way from Denmark (Hans above is named after him as well). Hans is also named after Monette's father, Lawrence Porter. Hans Lawrence Magleby. A strong name to live up to.

I miss those ears!! As he's been aging and growing they are less noticeable and it makes me a little sad.

threw in a chocolate frankie face from the day for fun

a few more from my phone:

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