Hans' Birth Story

Welp. Only took nearly 6 months for me to get baby number four's birth story up on the blog (I re-"published" it in November to keep the blogging in order)! Sounds about right! Thankfully, I took notes on my phone during labor since I knew the details would become hazy soon after, and I figured it would take awhile before I actually blogged about it. I was right. So, without further ado... let us begin Hans' birth story!

I woke up at 2am on the morning of my due date (November 7th) to go to the bathroom, like I had been doing nearly every night the last couple weeks. I had been having lots of Braxton hicks for a few weeks (inconsistent and not painful by any degree) and that night I was having more of them, but nothing that woke me up or screamed LABOR by any means. As I sat down on the toilet, I started having a panic attack. I have never had a panic attack before, I didn't even realize what I was having was a legit panic attack until later, haha, but the best way I can describe it (and it's really hard to describe) is that my heart rate went up crazy fast, I felt really shaky, and I was overcome with all this irrational fear. Thoughts like, what if I stop breathing right now? Am I short of breath? What if I pass out right now? What if my water breaks right now and I instantly start feeling the need to push? What if my baby dies? What if we both DIE RIGHT NOW???? It was really frightening, and really odd, because a part of my brain could rationally think "Dayna, relax, you are NOT going to die. Why are you having these thoughts? You are fine. Baby is fine. Just go to bed." But then another part of my brain was just full blown PANIC MODE. 
Any way... I climbed in bed and decided to sing some church hymns to myself to see if that could get the panic to subside. It wasn't really working. At that point I decided to call Steve (he was sleeping in a different bed since I was taking up our entire queen with pillows and moving around during the night) and have him come up to help calm me. He came upstairs, I told him my symptoms, and while I thought for sure he would just tell me to just go to bed, he ever so sweetly told me to get out of bed, get dressed, and that we'd go to the hospital so I could see that everything was fine and I had nothing to worry about (bless him). He helped me get out of bed (my panic attack was so bad I felt like if I were to move I might just die right there on the spot. yeah, not a fun feeling!), and got me in the car and we drove to the hospital. As he parked the car, I instantly felt better. I felt calm, and then I felt really bad that I had woken up Steve in the middle of the night for what I thought was no good reason. So, I told him to drive home so we could go back to bed. As he began driving out of the parking lot, all the panicky feelings started flooding all over me again. I told him to turn around and go back to the parking lot. (Yes, I felt like a crazy person but now have a profound respect for people that suffer with these on a regular basis!). At this point Steve said that if he was going to turn around that we were going to go inside and just make sure everything was okay so I could relax. I agreed. 
At this point I was having consistent contractions that weren't painful at all, but wasn't really noticing them since my mind was consumed with all my other thoughts at the time. It wasn't until we sat down in the lobby of the hospital (I was too mortified to go up to labor and delivery to have them tell me to go home since I was SURE I was NOT in labor) that I started noticing that I was having consistent contractions. When the man at the front desk saw us come in he asked "You here to have your baby?" I told him "I'm not really sure!" Steve kept pressuring me to go upstairs, so to stall, I said I needed to go to the bathroom. When I went to the bathroom and pulled down my pants (tmi?) there was blood (and lots of other gross signs of labor) and I was shocked! Maybe I really was in labor! 
I told Steve and we went up to the Labor and Delivery and checked in (4:15 am). I told them about my panic attack, that I wasn't positive I was in labor, but wanted to check on baby and just make sure everything was okay. They had me change and at this point I started noticing my contractions getting stronger and more uncomfortable very quickly. They strapped the monitor on me and could see my consistent contractions and baby's healthy heartbeat. They checked me at 4:45am and I was at a 4 1/2. They said I wasn't going anywhere! This was it!!! 
An hour later I was at a 5 1/2 and could feel the contractions getting stronger and closer together. Even though I wasn't in too much pain, I told them I wanted an epidural as soon as possible since they told me the anesthesiologist would not be available at 6am-7am as he was booked for scheduled C-section. No way was I missing my prime window and having another Frankie experience. They brought the doc in and the epidural went perfect. They gave me the max amount (I didn't want to feel a thing, I was too nervous that I'd have the same experience with Frankie where it wore off in minutes and I was in total pain by the end). I felt awesome. Literally cloud nine. I was having my baby!!! We called my mom, my sister, and mother-in-law to come and be apart of watching the delivery. Kate was awesome and watched our kids for us. At 6:30am I was at a 6 and my water was bulging. 90 percent effaced. At 6:55 am I started transitioning and was at a 7 1/2. At 7:40am my water totally exploded, you could even hear it on the monitor. Literally exploded. Water gushing all over the place. We all started laughing. Good times. At 8:15am he was ready to come and after just a few pushes with contractions he was born at 8:27 am weighing 7lb. 13 oz. and measuring 21 1/2 in long. He looked so much like all my other babies... huge lips, absolutely perfect from head to toe. He had the sweetest saddest cry and would not stop crying for the longest time. It was like he was just so distraught at being pulled out of the comfort of the warm womb and having to be in the cold bright hospital. Ha. But as soon as he was able to stay on my chest and nurse, he calmed right down, opening his eyes and meeting us all for the first time. It was another incredible experience, just like my other three babies, and looking at these pictures and watching video from it makes me baby hungry all over again. Watch out Steve! ;) 

And below, some photos from the special day. I look like a mess in most of them, but funny enough, I really don't care at all. It was the best day. I wish I could relive all my baby's births. It is so fun to be apart of such a miracle. 

Got my epidural and we are ready to go!


Cutting the cord

So maybe my newborns get me a little emotional...

Put me back where I was!!!

Simba moment.


They had me so far reclined, it was an awful angle to try and look at his sweet face on my chest. I had them put me up higher soon enough.

We kind of loved his little cry.

Hello world!

Proud Dad

Dr. Savage makes her debut on the blog. Love her.

Quite the event welcoming this little one

First moments nursing

Meeting Grandma

And Gigi

One of my favorites. I married a good one.

Meeting Grandpa 

Meeting his sibs. Jayne and Vinny were so shy of him at first, then warmed up with a little time. Frankie, who we thought would have a hard time, surprised us by loving on him instantly. He had zero reservations, asked to kiss him several times right when he saw him, and had no problem at all taking on the big brother role. We were surprised by that. Gotta love it. 


smooshy face

Frankie giving hugs. Hans wasn't so sure how he felt about it.

A moment of... WE HAVE FOUR KIDS. 

my very best helper


Jayne's art and "gifts"she made for me and gave to me at the hospital

(a temple card she got from primary, haha)

Meeting Uncle Max 

And Aunt Jo Jo

It was so sweet watching these grown boys being so sweet with a newborn


Cute baby yawns. It's exhausting to be a newborn!

We were pretty cruel parents and joked with Jayne by telling her we were might give the baby away to another family who have no babies since we already have so many. Before we could say we were just kidding, she started bawling the most heartwrenching cry. It was so so so sad but as equally sweet and adorable to see what great love she had for him already. Sibling love is a powerful thing. 

Look at that little body!

My helpers as we left the hospital

Home at last. 

Hans Lawrence is named after Hans Olsen Magleby (Steve's ancestor from Denmark who joined the church and moved to America) and Lawrence Porter (Steve's Grandpa, my mother-in-law's Dad). He has a great name with a strong heritage. 

**side note: I came to discover (after doing some research while waiting for baby to arrive) that panic attacks are actually pretty common for women when they go into labor - triggered by the change in hormones when the body goes into labor. Also, I was so thankful for it, funny enough, because it enabled me to get to the hospital earlier so I could get the epidural before the anesthesiologist would be busy with c-sections. Had I not had the panic attack, I likely would not have come to the hospital until my contractions were strong, which would have likely brought me to the hospital at the window the doctor wouldn't have been available, and my labor would have probably gone much faster, and I likely wouldn't have had the luxury of a pain-free delivery. So, blessings in disguise!!! 

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