we put the kids in the amazing kid watch and spent a couple of hours poolside kid-free. heavenly.

cousin hike on the red rocks to a waterfall!

frankie selfies are the best kind of selfies

ice cream time

felt like a polygamist family with all of our kids and one man (taylor... with a beard) at the vegas cafe rio

easter egg hunt at Jen's was a hit

GNO to dinner and walking the strip

saying goodbye to our cousins. they hugged vine and gave him so much love - he started crying. not out of love, but out of fear. haha. 

this cutie on our bathroom/lunch break at mcdonalds on the way home!

Easter morning!

Conference watching

and snuggling

beautiful blossoms on easter morning

Hans looking so old in his jeans and collared onesie

poor sickie

jayne art... lol

early morning dog pile

they must be siblings... head tilt

capturing my bangs and my serious look... took a while to get used to those bad boys

baby in beanie!

snow! at sundance! in april!

could you be any happier my Hans?

Carousel selfie at the zoo!

heart explosion

Jayne made her own flags - one for her and one for vinny

Jayne's family book, and Vinny's family book <3 p="">
Poor guy bonked his chin

snuggles with gramma middle

these boys..

that time vinny had an accident and didn't mind wearing savannah's blue and yellow shorts (they were purple and neon green)


Frankie not very happy to be waiting so long to get his blood drawn (he was so sick for like two weeks straight - ended up being just a nasty virus)

rice cereal!

date with kate

love seeing their artwork displayed

Hruska's Kolaches!

cabin getaway. we love the cabin

my big helper putting dishes away.

jayne's homemade spring decor. i love her.

sweet dreams

rock canyon free party

kids loved the pony ride

watching jayne and frankie do the yoga was hilarious


lots of love

looks like hans!

jayne made a "pin the scriptures on joseph smith" for family night!

Jack Jack look alike!

Jayne discovered a passion for legos

Vinny's dinosaur

That time Jayne brought money to school and gave to her friends because "they needed it" (for high heels one of them said. also, she lost the bag the next time she brought it to school :(

Mommy daughter donut date 

jayne made her own bed so lovely

happy bday LO!

came home to find jayne passed out on our bedroom floor

morning snuggles with this guy - the best

dino museum

creative jayne... i'm surprised she didn't hurt herself doing this

loved having charlie and lauren in town for a couple weeks

mother daughter luncheon for women conferences always an enjoyable time

tulip festival!!!

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