get ready for more photos of hans sleeping. remember this is mainly for me so i post what i like to see and remember ;) .... as usual, click to enlarge. photos are pretty self-explanatory! 

more of jayvee's interesting sleeping positions

Love me the back of a baby neck. mmmm


"love notes" to Vinny ;)

HANS' BLESSING DAY!!!!! (i'll do an official post with nicer quality photos - but here are some from my iPhone....)

beautiful rainbow on the way home from sunday dinner

Hans came with us on date night! it was a party!

twinning it up again in their matching mountain-man onesies

vinny art! i love it!

happy bday Jayson!

ok sorry for the nursing photo. but i'm feeling nostalgic since he weened earlier than i was expecting.

angel face

Mother's day! I'm the luckiest!

homemade heart necklaces - one for me and one for jayne

bouquet of flowers. 

best gig 

twins! max and kate


our little gardener planting sunflowers

love finding little surprises of jayne art around the home

our version of bath time... "shower time!"

vine's spring program. no tears this go around!


savannah's ballet recital! she was adorable!

passed out on the way home

tummy time

best giggles - vacuuming him off after a hair cut

Jayne's "birthday" at school. summer birthday means she gets to celebrate twice!

Jayne and tilly!

Grandma came to her graduation

Hanse time while we wait for Jayne to finish ballet

binky balancing act

Jayne loves hanging out with Taytem and Kate

Took "the boys" to the temple open house

"my tea party starts at 4 o'clock" mom/dad come to my room to have a tea party 



Vinny dino

hiking the Y

rainbow by vinny

Savannah, Jayne, Rilo friendship

awesome party for zooey bills. they got into eyeshadow after the party and went to town.

cute view when i walked through the door

Allison got married! she's such a babe! so fun to celebrate her

Hans loves Grandpa!

Visiting Gramps

Hans lovin' being one of the boys with Grams

Looking good!

That time Hans "got Hans ready for me" - saggy diaper and all

Jayne loves Hans a little too much

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