Jayne was the best little dancer at her ballet recital! proud mama moment!

so proud of kate and felt so lucky to get to be at the temple with her as she received her endowment

.... we especially loved COUSINS CAMP!!!...

Vinny and Frankie at swim lessons! We tried to do both of them together but after one lesson we dropped Frankie and just kept Vinny in. He learned how to swim by the end and we were so proud!

Poop. Can you guess who?

Jayne had a jewelry and lemonade sale with Tilly. They made a good profit!

Had a photoshoot for the sugar line... here's a sneak peek

our photography Brolin. He's amazing!

movie trip with grandma and grandpa!

workin in the yard

mommy daughter date

father's day! best dad around!

i sort of miss my long hair.. :(

Hans meets his great grandparents Gibbs for the first time!


Love my girl Violet! Always a blast when she's in town.

Frankie has a soft spot for Grandpa

Violet's faces.... too good....

living the life

so many loved ones at jayvee's recital. she is the luckiest.

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