August carried us into the last week of Deep Creek. It always go by too fast for my liking. The kids had the very best time with their cousins and I had the very best time being with family and watching my kids (and me) soak it all in. The photos are a little out of order... like usual. Enjoy!

We had an art auction with all the kids art. At the end they split the cash and went to the dollar store! 

My mom celebrated her 60th birthday!

The Richards Challenge was another success. I passed the torch down to my little sister this year to run the show. It was SO NICE to be on the other side and actually get to enjoy it, instead of the stress of planning and putting it all together. We still designed our annual T-shirts. This year we reincarnated the WE ARE THE RICHARDS T's that failed us one year when they were iron on. We brought it back and with better quality. 

emory wanted to be in our family picture, lol.

My mom and her face paint! We could not stop laughing.

The kids did a candy race at the end of the challenge. It was a hit.

Jayne had the time of her life this trip. Here she is keeping up with (and showing off for) the boys.

One night we went to a late movie. We took the boat there and on the way back there was the scariest lighting storm over the lake. We ended up pulling off the water and didn't get home for like an hour and a half later when my mom could come get us all. It was an interesting evening to say the least. But we survived. 

The County Fair is always a favorite. I would say Frankie was the most fun to watch take it in. He was LOVING the animals and all the rides. It was a blast.

I got lucky and was able to ride the ferris wheel with JUST Vinny! It was so romantic :) I love my Vinn.

Annual Girl's Lunch! 

My favorite video from the summer

Kids fell asleep on the way back to Utah. That didn't trump figuring out that foam soap cleans a nasty poopy bum like magic!

Happy to be back with Dad! 

Took the kids to do some back to school shopping. Steve's idea, not mine. 

Four kids! It's a party!

Date night to bowling. Steve kicked my butt.

That time Frankie was playing with my phone and changed my profile picture to this. I could not stop laughing when I found out.

Jayne's note to my parents.

Happy 4th of July Papa and Gigi, we hope you have a happy fourth of july

Was cleaning out her drawers and found a little drawing book with some hidden gems. Here is our family.

"I love my family"

Our Bishop talking in church. 

My story about life. Today I put on my shoes when my mom told me.

I was drowning but my mom saved me. I love my mom and Dad.

The sun is bright. The end.

Jayne's letter to her summer camp teacher. (Ms. Wendy)

Took the kids to BYU for some family bowling

And ice cream!

Kids at the doctor. Frankie was bored, Jayne was happy she didn't have to get shots, and Vinny was depressed that he needed FOUR. He ended up not needing to get any though, since they didn't have one of the shots there and said he could wait to do them all in a year. Dodged a bullet! For now!

We love our nihola 

Jayne and Violet did a bake/lemonade sale during our big yard sale

But mostly Violet and Frankie played in the backyard. I love this picture of them!!!

Mommy daughter date with kim and ellie to see Into the Woods play at the Hale Center Theater.

We loved it!

A Trip to Logan for Cardon's farewell. The kids loved the bunnies and the horses.

Trying to feed the horse from a safe distance, lol.


Frank's spot placement.

We can trust Jayne to do the heimlich maneuver if need be..

Family trip to Sundance! We love coming to the cabin and spending time with family. It's the best.

We love having Lauren's family in town!!!

Went brighter blonde and about 6 inches shorter!

These two... can you even stand it?

S'mores out back! Yum!

Holding snakes. Jayne will scream in fear at a dog but hold a snake like no big deal???

From Father's Day... but wanted to document. Jayne made this for Steve on Father's Day. 

Beautiful sunset.

That time Frank fell asleep on the floor of his bedroom.

Kate and Frank selfies. The best.

Visited extended cousins at my Aunt Donna Kay's home (my cousin Emily and her kids)

Cutie mcCute

First day of First grade! Leg pop for good measure!

First day of preschool! His last year.

Like father like son :)

Beautiful boy you are, Frankie

Jayne riding the chair lift with kate and JoJo

Figuring out naps over here.... he only wanted to nap if in my bed

Back to school dinner! Our theme... "to learn with joy" - I made their request of spaghetti and meatballs and chocolate cake. We also had sparkling cider to make it fancy. Jayne got a new backpack cause she needed one. The kids decorated their own crowns while I got everything ready. They loved it! We all did!

Jayne art :)

Climbing to stand!

L to the forehead, lol! These two... Frank can't get enough of Grace face.

King Hans! Jayne made him a crown.

Jayne loves baby Grace

Love him!

Boy adventure to get frozen yogurt with Tay Tay. He's so handsome.

Dino Museum one morning with the kiddos

Feeling a little sad at dropping her off every morning... but I'd be lying if I said I don't enjoy the break a little bit!

Huge balloon art at the Thanksgiving Point Museum. 

Peach season!

Loving his carrot

Morning selfies with my buddy after nursing.

Finally cleared out our back porch!!! It used to be a tent and filled with who-knows crap. We finally cleared it all out and tore it down and cleaned it off. (It looks much whiter now too after I bleached and power washed it). We are excited to make more use of it next spring.

Bang twins! Jayne cut her hair.... she got a comb stuck in it one night when she was supposed to be sleeping.... grabbed scissors and cut the stuck comb out without us knowing, until I did her hair for school the next day and say all the short hair pieces. Luckily bangs sort of helped to hide the mishap. She looks super cute!

Family bowling!

Updated our family selfie!

Sometimes I wish Frankie preferred vanilla ice cream (thank you oxi clean)

"Hans the Chicken Horse"

Vinny's Long neck dinosaur

My whole heart

One morning we glued the entire train set together! Best decision ever. Now they finally play with it without it falling apart and they don't need to ask me to come build them it everytime. Should have done it ages ago!

Kept me up all night but then he pulls this face the next day and just like that HE CAN DO NO WRONG

Our family. Jayne was so sad when Hans got ahold of it before it made it into the frame. Luckily we pried it out of his death grip before it got too badly damaged. Hence the wrinkles. We love it. 

The summer went by way too fast. Definitely my favorite time of year but looking forward to fall/winter and all it has to offer!

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