How exactly is it September already??? It's boggling my mind how quickly the last 11 months (since Hans' birth) has flown by. I was warned how fast time would go with kids, but this speed is just SICK AND WRONG. Slow down!!! This month has been a good one. We've loved getting settled back into our routine and welcoming in fall. Unfortunately the temps haven't cooled down much, but we can't complain because we've been taking advantage of the pool when we can, so it's all good. We soaked in as much fun as we could with Lauren and Mike (and Violet and Grace) while they were here and were sad to say goodbye. I spent a couple weeks simplifying and minimalizing our home and having a couple more yard sales to get rid of some stuff. It felt so good!! Highlight of the month was the TAYLOR SWIFT CONCERT. Kate and I got tickets for Monette for Christmas. It was amazing!!! She is so entertaining. We stood up and sang and danced the whole night. It really deserves a post of it's own. Other events included my Grandma turning 90, Hans turning 10 months, and witnessing the SUPER blood moon. It has been a good month!

i love these goobers

he was so proud of his new trick

steve and i narrowed down our clothing to fit in our TINY closet (summer and winter!). 
Less really is more (freeing). Any way, I was pretty proud of my ability to 'let go'.. doesn't always come easy.

these two... best buds, wrestling and giggling. love it.


Such a treat to have Monette experience it for the first time!

She pulled up by us on the way home. I love you, Taylor.

Shenanigans at the yard sale

I had leftover sparklers from the 4th. We busted them out one evening in alpine. 

Cutie during a bathroom break (diaper break?) at church

We found Frank's doppelgänger! Lol

Weekend up at Sundance. Always a good idea.

Looks comfy :)

Walking down memory lane after cleaning out and organizing all our storage boxes

Before I stripped it. Love her homemade signs.

Bruges Waffles for lunch with Josh and Tiff and Quincy!

Favorite food - CORN!

Happy place! This kid is giddy with water!

We loved having Quincy and her parents in town to visit! Now they just need to move back!

Go.... BYU! Great game, great win.

Jayne art

Jayne's church fashion, gotta love it

We started a new thing where we don't bring any games or coloring or snacks to church in an effort to teach them the importance of being reverent and keeping the sabbath and sacrament holy (thanks to older sisters who pave the way before me!). they can each have their stuffed animal and blanket and that's it. It has been a world of a difference (no more stress trying to get a church bag together, no more stress of trying to keep them quiet while they ask for certain things from the bag, no more stress cleaning up after sacrament). Now they typically sit still and quiet and usually fall asleep! Ha! Game changer!

Cute little Grandpa Hans moment

I died.

TWINS! He asked me "Mom, when did you take a picture of me?"

Saggy diaper!!!

My beautiful Grandma turned 90!

More look-a-like photos

Me as a baby :)

and a toddler. I see some Frank in there!

This girl got to come to dinner with us to Communal to celebrate my Grandma's birthday (my mom flew into town). 

Love this

Love her

Can't wait to celebrate 100!

Jayne and her great grandparents!

Found Jayne asleep with Frank in her crib. 

MOA. Our cultured and refined son ;)

Future buy student!

The temple is coming along beautifully. We are SO EXCITED!

Fell asleep on the floor. Transitioning from nap to no nap is HARD.

Jayne had a little bit of a hard time at school. She said everyone she asked to play with said "no" and a girl she asked to build fairy houses with said "no"... so here she is making her own "friends" which she proceeded to tape onto her backpack. It was the sweetest/saddest thing! It was a good opportunity to talk about being kind to others because we know how it feels when someone isn't very kind, and how to not get sad when things like this happen but to keep a good attitude (which I think she did a good job with!) but it still broke my mama heart. 

eeek. i love him so much.

they didn't see each other for only like three days, and they couldn't get enough of each other when they were finally reunited at the chalk the block. 

Tay Tay adventure HIKING THE Y! They went to the very top. I was super impressed. 

Love this.

That time I got scammed trying to sell something on KSL. I'm no fool.

What I live for! So happy to have a king bed so all these critters can come and snuggle us :)

Pre church nuggets

Love them

Snuggles while catching up on the voice

yogurt time!

too fast for me to get a picture!

It's hard to pick just one!

Fall Festival at Wasatch. Sophia Bills was the sweetest girl and asked if she could buy Jayne a cotton candy with her leftover tickets (cause she saw her begging me for one of her own). 

Jayne art!

Date night! What?! About time!

Driving home from church... no big deal.

Cluck Truck Selfie! We are so excited for Holly and Eli's new food truck! 

Flamingo ride.

let the kids stay up late to see the SUPER BLOOD MOON!

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