A Hans Update and some Kiddo Art

I can't believe my baby is creeping up on ONE YEAR. It's downright insane. I know everyone says it, how fast the time flies by when you have kids, and I knew it would, but I never expected it to be THIS fast. It's sort of depressing, but I try not to focus on that and just live in the present as much as I possibly can! And the present right now with this little guy is AWESOME!
This sweet boy has made all our dreams come true. He sleeps like a champ (sometimes over 14 hours), taking solid naps, eating everything we offer, no picky preferences for anything quite yet (fingers crossed!), pretty much always smiling and happy, and goes with the flow or change of schedule so wonderfully. He has this new thing where we smacks his lips just for the fun of it, and the kids love it. He is super fast now with his funny crawl, can climb to stand on everything, and could even attempt to start walking (strength and balance is there) but has no desire. He has two bottom teeth and two top teeth that are SO CLOSE to poking through (which is just another reason this kid is the best- he has not whined about it at all!). 
He completely weened from nursing a few weeks ago. He had thrush over the summer which made nursing extremely painful so I cut back to twice a day, but then he stopped nursing at night after a month and then nursed just in the mornings until he stopped that too. It was a little bit hard for me (I love nursing, and will let them nurse as long as they'll let me!) but I'd be lying if I said the bottle doesn't have it's conveniences for sure. 
Hans loves playing with cars and will scoot them all over the floors around the house. He loves snacking on cheerios while I get his meals ready. He loves his older siblings but just for memory's sake I want to note that he gets annoyed with Vinny SUPER fast (sorry Vinn) and will whine if he ever gets near his space (but that's only because Vinny is ALWAYS up in his space trying to smother him with kisses so I think he is just conditioned to whine and cry if he gets near, ha!). He thinks Frank is absolutely hilarious! He usually doesn't like being carried around if he sees his sibs running around having fun- he'll want down immediately. 
In the mornings when he wakes up, he won't make a peep! So we usually need to check on him to see if he is actually sleeping or not. When I go in to get him, he'll always pull out his binky and hand it to me with a big grin (I used to always grab it out and just set it down in the crib so now he has picked up on the routine! so cute). 
He's a mooch. If he sees you eating he WILL want some and he's fast at grabbing it out of your hands before you know it. He's a curious little feller and loves to explore and carry things and taste things. He loves touching people's faces and giving high fives and kisses. He hates doing "Steve's trick" where he balances him on his hand. He'll collapse his legs so it won't work. He's a Daddy's boy and an Uncle Tay Tay's boy. But don't worry, I'm third. Ha. 
We love our Hans so much and feel so lucky to have him in our family. He is so cute (I want to squeeze him any chance I get) and we all just adore him. 


And just for fun, here is some

Frankie has grown really passionate about coloring/drawing lately and will often ask me to get him some paper so he can draw. 

She drew and painted this all by herself. It's a favorite. I love her name on the bottom.

A note I found in her backpack. So sweet. I love her so much.

Frankie :)

Vinny! Love this

Sketches from school "somebody fell off the swing" "are you okay?"

Love the birds

I'll have to ask Vinny what this is...

Vinny! Love this one

Jayne artwork from Primary.. i spy an angel moroni 

Jesus raising a dead girl :)

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