Totally out of order... ain't nobody got time fo dat.
 I'm just grateful I have these up here as a back up storage, ha. 
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Fall break hangover

hey YOU!

family hay ride at the pumpkin patch

accidental twinners

pumpkin patch animal farm 

Cutest pumpkin!

Sweet daddy daughter moment at our friends wedding

That moment you realize you have enough kids to take up the entire swings. 
Hans: "see what you did to yourself?"

Little witch at her Halloween class party!

Pumpkin carving!

Pretty kate and hans

Ward trunk or treat

Hallow's eve at the buy basketball game

sweetest harvey

my little halloweenies

jayne did her own make up for halloween - ha ha

snuggles at church... always falls asleep (1 pm church probs)

baby shower for crystal!

pumpkin donuts back at the provo bakery 

sister temple date

cool tricks at the climbing play place

Then they told me to do it and wanted to take a picture

crystal's shower. i made holly's butterscotch pudding with crushed oreo, salted caramel, and whipped cream. yum!

Conference snuggles

Family bike ride



 new favorite frank pic

addicted to yam and apple casserole this time of year every year

kids thought this bike was pretty funny and all wanted a picture

we love our new temple

dog pile

taylor's doppelgänger - haha

wizard in the making

cute face

cute face 2

tumble gym!!!

day trip to st. george

jayvee's school picture :)

more pumpkin patch fun

sweet sleeping baby

Vinny's photo shoot for gather!

such a big "helper"

the "nic niju" (nice ninja) leaving secret love notes after doing secret good deeds

he asked for a picture... love him

met up with shannon day's cute boys!

he loves the curiosity museum!

Jayne is learning chinese and it is awesome!

cute teeny tiny feet in teeny tiny burks

TWINS! They were so excited about this

Love face timing frankie. 

new black walls in our dining room. i heart them.

the kids are obsessed with the (ghetto) playroom at the paint store (that we frequented often). They were mad overtime I said it was time to go. haha.

So fun having my mom in town for crystal's baby!

sweet car! ;)

cool tricks by jayne

gorgeous views of the fall leaves outside our windows

jayne's list when she was home "sick" from school

I got to play "doula" for crystal's baby's birth. It was fun! And frightening! ;)

Gifts from Jayne. I love her like crazy. She is the sweetest girl and is too good to me. 

mmmmm yummy

so happy harvey is here!



obsessed with their new cousin

he loved wearing his car racer costume during the week of halloween

emory: "cute!"

Family din din for taylor's bday

The kids want a cat now! (Ashley's cat)

blankey pinky spot. he loves all his "stuff"

celebrated 9 years with our traditional family breakfast at maglebys!

cute boys at jayne's halloween parade

ART WORK! (art by jayne unless otherwise specified):

makes me so happy!

Cutest snail by jayne

vinny :)








our family :)

vinny. love that cute little dinosaur so much.





vinny :) (love his rainbows)


vinny (he thought he was coloring him brown.. his color blindness is the cutest thing ever!)

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