December Art

Jayne's Chapter Books :)

Jayne's bday gift to Steve. A card with a rainbow. A snowflake. A ribbon covered pencil. A booklet with everyone's names in the family "so he'll always remember us" and a dancing sheet (he puts his feet on the numbers and it makes him learn a dance... haha!)

Jayne really got into writing her own songs. I love it. 

Vinny's Christmas wish to Santa :)

When Jayne got sent to her room, she made this.... oh boy

The cutest little elf that Jayne put on our front door to welcome in people to the sugar sale we had

Vinny's preschool art :)

Vinny's flower


Jayne made her own list for a scavenger hunt at the provo town mall. Steve and I were amazed that she remembered some of those things are there. 


Another drawing after being sent to bed in hysterics

Gotta love the drama ;)

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