We had our third annual family Disneyland trip and it made all of our dreams come true! Kids did wonderfully, and we all had a ton of fun.  Kate came with us again and we just hope she continues to come year after year because it is always so nice to have her company and help! This year we were extra lucky too to get to have the Gilliams join us for the fun! We loved having the company and the kids had a blast with their little cousins there too. We had great weather (no rain, yay!) and we left exhausted and filled to the brim. We can't wait until next year!

Vinny loved that he was tall enough to finally do a lot of the rides he missed out on from last year. Frank was in total heaven in Cars Land and Jayne loved wearing her (borrowed from Crystal) minnie mouse ears nearly every second at the park. Steve and I truly loved it all. These pics are all out of order but you get the point!


double pooped

Jayne art and music!....

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