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Starting the new year out snuggling these cuties!

Kids finally got to go to Funtopia!

A sleeping Frankie picture is always a favorite

Dinosaur Museum!

Cutie Hansie face :)

Playtime with friends

Jayne asked to do Violet's make-up before their tea party. 
Watching this go down was too cute and funny!

Frankie is the best. Our family is so much more fun with him in it!

Just before face planting while wearing my boots! Ha!

Helping blow out Grandpa's candles!

The most gorgeous views during our time at a museum in SLC 

Hans got his first haircut! He couldn't be cuter.

Date night with this handsome face.

Carload of cuties!

Hans and his buddy William.

Waiting for Jayne at pick up. Never a dull moment with this boy.

Crazy hair day at school!

Brother shenanigans

Making bead necklaces with beads from Grandpa that he got in Ghana!

Hans looking way too big

Little stinker acting out in Sacrament meeting and then happy as a clam wandering the halls...

Kids happily helping make dinner without fighting!

Cluck truck is ALWAYS a good idea

My costco shopping buddy

I dont even remember when and where we took this but I sure love these ladies!

Jayne asked to take Grandpa to a circus performance for his birthday present. They loved it! I wish we had tagged along. Sounded amazing. 

Baby Hans being obsessed with Hats!

Also obsessed with his baby cousin Harvey 

Kids woke up extra early and had time to do an "art stor" before school ;)

Cutest scene with these two boys. Max was waiting to be picked up and was playing the guitar for a bit. Hans was loving it. He let him play a little. Too cute. 

I was obsessed with this meal and ate it everyday for lunch for weeks. Ground sausage sauteed in sweet potato, egg, a little cheese, and a little quinoa. Sooo good.

Highlight of the month was going to the Provo City Center temple open house with the kids. It was such an amazing feeling walking through with all of them after so much anticipation. It was incredible. The kids loved spotting Grandpa Frank's painting and one of their favorite rooms was the baptismal font. They had the most tender questions and it was so special answering them while walking through with them. 

I am so grateful that my family is forever!

A little morning yoga session.

No more set naps, but Frankie can fall asleep anywhere. 

This kid will bolt into the kitchen if he hears the microwave going because he thinks its a "baba". His obsession is strong!

Breakfast and temple date

It was snowing like crazy! I love me a big snowstorm.

"Binky brothers"

One Sunday we realized we were "twinners"

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