Our November through the iPhone...

Frankie entered the transition between napping and not napping stage. No fun. But does make for some cute moments when I find him asleep in random places. 

Cute brothers!

See what I mean?

Jayne barricaded herself in her room when she got put on time out

Family photo! 

I just thought it was cute how Vinny was resting his head on Max to watch videos over his shoulder. 

Cute boy looking so big with big boy shoes on!

My little helper one afternoon.

Jayne's school photos. 

Pirate day at school!

This kid was perfectly content chilling in the baby stroller

And being pushed around by Jayne

Goofy kid

Duck pond with Tay Tay 

Nice smile, Frank!

Looking good Jaynie girl ;)

Looks like a sleeping angel 

We got a new dishwasher. Hans would escape and hide between appliances. They were all loving it.

Our thanksgiving tree!

Took these three boys to the mall for the first time. We didn't stay long.

Vinny won 2nd place for his age for a coloring contest at Pizza Pie Cafe!

Cute boys playing together happily

Late nights with this kid = IPAD

1 o'clock church probe

Cute boys having a blast in the first SNOW!

Johanna's Princess Party 

Even Vinny was invited and he wore his awesome knight costume!


We celebrated our anniversary at tucanos. It was grand.

Oh yeah, and we bought a house! our house! We are pretty excited (scared) about it!

Lighting of the riverbeds

Jayne looking a little homely at the doctors office. Love her. She looks so grown up here too.


Love this girl. She really is the best. 

Got to FaceTime my sister Lauren while she delivered her baby! It was awesome!

Making turkeys!

Thanksgiving dinner.... BOMB.

The cutest boys in their little jam session

Movie date with the kids

mc Donald's!

its thanksgiving and we are putting up christmas lights! party!

Took these kiddos to see the good dinosaur 

Another snow day!

Jayne's mickey mouse glasses in anticipation for DISNEYLAND!

A must stop at SHAKE SHACK on our way down to CA 

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