Vinny Turns 5!

My Vincent Eric turned 5!!! I can't even believe it. Five feels so old to me. Somebody tell him to stop growing up! This boy is the best. He is growing up to be such a good kid. He likes to do what's right, he has a kind heart, he is very forgiving, loves to have fun and do a lot of energetic things (running, jumping, racing, climbing, etc.), loves all things dinosaurs, and loves to EAT (he is always hungry and always eating!). We started the day off with a birthday breakfast. After opening up gifts we got ready and headed to the tumble gym for his birthday party! We sang and had donuts and the kids jumped and had a great time. 

The first thing he wanted to do was see if he had gotten taller :) haha so we measured him and sure enough he has grown! 

That smile is the best

Hans was loving the donuts

Vinn created his own dinosaur back with the party hats

Later that day I came upstairs to see that Frankie had completely DESTROYED the craft room. He took everything out of the drawers and put it into Hans' crib where he was sleeping (?!?!?!). I was so bugged but also really surprised (maybe even impressed?) at the damage he had done without me even knowing. There were even thumbtacks in the crib that gave me a minor freak out, but it ended up being okay and he learned quickly it was NEVER to happen again, Ha!

Instead of birthday cake that night, we met up with family for ice cream at Rockwell Creamery. 

Blowing out pretend candles after we sang ;)

His excitement for opening presents cracks me up

When we arrived and were getting settled waiting for everybody to show up, I turned around to find Frankie had pushed over a chair and stood up on it all by himself to check out all the flavors. This kid doesn't mess around.

It was a great birthday for our Vinny Vinn! We sure love you buddy!

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