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peaceful snow morning with the boys

loves for aunt crystal

and cousin harvey of course

those ears are killer!

I sure love this boy. 

Getting frank to bed is a pain! If he takes a nap he'll stay up all night long and then pass out late on the couch :)

Frankie took a tumbling class at the rec center. He loved it!

zoom in on that face! Ha!

I love finding this kid passed out somewhere everyday

The best face to wake up to in the morning! Hans, you are a joy!

Jayne had her spotlight at school. The kids got to ask her questions. It was so fun telling the class about my dear Jaynie! 

Late night shenanigans. He drives us mad! But we're obsessed at the same time. LOL

BYU game!

And ice cream the size of our head after! 

We love the new creamery in Provo

We were startled awake by a car that had flipped over on our lawn. Scary! Everyone was OK

 A song by Jayne ;)

More sleepy head

Loving this view of our home after I had painted the dining room black and the family room a deep blue-green.

MOA with Jayne, Monkey, and Fred.

Accidental twinners!

Her first lost tooth! She said the tooth fairy gives her friends $5... too bad the tooth fairy that visits our home is a little tight on cash ;)

Jayne and Vinny got to be apart of a fun valentines shoot for Gathre. 
They had a good time and looked so cute.

We escaped the inversion and spent a day in Park City with the kids!

We had a blast!

Love these kids

Valentines Day! Jayne was so sweet and made rose for me and notes for everyone's place setting

Pink german pancakes :)

Found frankie taking a nap in Tay-Tay's room

My "five kids"

Spying on Jayne reading her scriptures. Love her so much.

Date with Steve and Hans! It was so fun taking just him out. I forgot how much fun it was to just have ONE baby! 

Loving his dinosaur headlamp. He wears it everywhere.

Can you see him? Look closely...

... there he is!

More dino gifts from Grandma and Grandpa for his birthday

Jayne's notes make me so happy. She blows me away with her thoughtfulness sometimes.

Love that sleepy face!

Snuggly cousins

Love my Harvey! His smile is the best!


Moroccan night for Sunday dinner! Yum!

My cuties before church

Jayne pouting outside. I can't even remember what it was all about but she threw a tantrum and ended up just punishing herself by refusing to come inside when it was SO cold outside. Good times ;)

The sweetest apology note ever

Found this... Jayne's check list for my birthday. I freaking love her.

Frankie's first time at the dentist! We love our local pediatric dentist. The kids love going because they get to watch movies and get coins to get treats at the end.

No cavities for everybody. Hurray

A favorite book for all the boys in our home. The fire engine book!

Cute little boy in my photo after rearranging our entry way.

My park buddy

Face swap! Ha!

Jayne had a bunch of friends over and they put together their very own talent show! They made a sign and everything and then all the parents watched it when they came to pick them up at the park. I was so proud of Jayne and her creativity and zero fear to create and do things and have a lot of fun with it. She is a go-getter.

This sweet face meeting me in the Relief Society room after church. 

A perfect time-out spot for the "mean dinosaur" (his words, not mine) who kept head butting people when I asked him to stop. Sorry, buddy!

Love bug

The sweetest testimony written by Jayne. She has written a few of them. I think she is just trying to build the courage to stand up and say it.

That time I told Frankie he needed to hold my hand to cross the street and he turned to me and said "no, mom, I can hold MY hand across the street" This kid!

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