My 30th Birthday

I turned 30! I was honestly excited to turn 30. I felt ready in a weird way to exit my 20's and embrace my 30's. I don't know if it's cause I have four kids and should therefore somehow already be in my 30's.. or that I feel like I'm older than I am because my kids are aging me day by day... I don't know. I just know I was excited! Bring on the 30's!

My birthday started out with Steve and the kids waking me up for a birthday breakfast. Flowers, notes, and my grapefruit :)  That night my girlfriends treated me to such a special dinner! We ate in the private room at Pizzeria 712 (my favorite place). It was so fun to chat with everyone and feel so loved by those so dear to me. I am so lucky to have such stellar friends and women to look up. A few of us went to a movie after. It was a great night.

That weekend Monette watched our kids so Steve could take me on a little getaway to the Grand America. We first ate dinner at Cheesecake Factory, went to a movie, enjoyed the hot tub and spa, and then went to bed! It felt so good to have uninterrupted sleep. We had room service for breakfast (my favorite). It was such a relaxing getaway and I loved having some quality time with just me and Steve. 

Crystal and Ashley gifted me with a trip to California for a weekend for my birthday. I can't believe all they did for me. It was such a treat to get away and enjoy the warmth, sunshine, and ocean! We ate SO much good food, relaxed at the pool, did the spa (twice!) and just had such a wonderful time together. 

30 is off with a fantastic start!

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