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School pics!

Late night with my Frankie

Chalk art at the park

Alison's Dance Party! We love our Provo Mayor

Loving the snapchat filter

Frank's face!

Snuggles with Uncle Tay Tay

My awesome missionary brother serving in Taiwan 

Fun times at "Grandma's Dinosaur Museum" (its close to her house)


Jayne's Family History :)

Me and my lucky charm with his forced smile ;)

neighborhood "scooter gang" headed to the park!

I got pregnant! :)

Hans went through a phase where he would stick his tongue out to the side like that at all times.... even while crying! Impressive!

Oh Steve...

Love finding selfies from them playing on my phone

Art for teacher appreciation week!

We told Jayne first when I found out I was pregnant and had her keep it a secret. She was SO happy.

Found this gem at Grandma Porter's house

Easter egg hunt at Grandma Porters!

My parents came out for spring break and rented a huge cabin at The Canyons. The kids loved swimming in the "hot tub pool"

And taking baths together! They have talked about this cabin trip for so long and still remember it (more than a year later)

Two brothers taking a nap together in the crib. Heart explosion.

Best day skiing with my siblings!

Afternoon Cabin naps

Supergluing one of his favorite car toys back together. He wanted to wear gloves and glasses just like tay tay. He looked like a mad scientist.

March also included Frank's birthday, my 30th birthday, and Easter! Saving those for a separate post!

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