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April fools pranks

That time my sisters convinced me to be justin bieber for a contest to win tickets to his concert. We didn't win... all that effort for nuthin' ;)

I dont think Jayne even knew she had a bloody nose. Too happy to be playing in the snow with cousins.

Ski day!

Girls dinner

Checking out Grandpa's machine

My little garden beauty

Cousin night!

Park time

He was playing on my phone and took the cutest pictures of his toesies. 

Beautiful day at Red Ledges with Ashley and the kids. Heated pool!

Jayne and Grandma date

Sleepy squish

One of my favorite photos of Kate and Frankie

Jayne wanted to do a birthday party for Monkey one day!

Jayne got her ears pierced! Savannah had them done first and didn't cry, so Jayne was super brave and determined to hold back those tears! They look so cute on her.

Time out for Frankie

I miss this house sometimes. So much charm and character.

I meant it when I said he could fall asleep anywhere!

Silly Frank

First day of soccer for Vinny! He loved it!!


Flying kites with Dad

Love seeing all four kids together at the counter. I remember when I bought these stools when we had NO kids and the thought of them being all filled up seemed forever away. Here I am! I can't believe it. I'm the luckiest. 

The kids love going to Provo Town Center and renting the little animal cars. They don't seem too happy but they love it.

Meeting up with good friends is always a good idea.

Killing two birds with one stone

Post nap baby

Finding these on my phone makes me CRACK UP

Our "second car" 

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