Farewell Center Street Home

Farewell to our Center Street home after over 7 incredible years. We moved in Feb 2009, bought it in November of last year, and then sold it five months later. This house has welcomed home all four of our babies, been a gathering spot for numerous game nights and dinners, parties and family events, including our traditional 4th of July breakfast and parade viewing which I will forever miss most about this place. It's been the most perfect spot for countless yard sales, lemonade sales, and bike rides or walks to the local shops, restaurants, parks, and the new temple. It's located in the most amazing neighborhood two blocks from two of my siblings and some of our greatest friends. Best of all, its held a million cherished memories that I will forever be grateful for.

As much as I adore this home, moving ended up being an easy decision. We knew it was what was best for our family and felt guided every single step of the way. When I first felt prompted that we needed to move, I prayed so hard to know what to do. How could we move? We just bought this house? Where would we even go? It was less than a week later that we had a knock on our door, a realtor telling us she had a buyer who loved our home, wanted to buy it, and would we consider moving soon? My answer came instantly to my mind, "YES." I didn't say it at first, told her I would need to talk to my husband, but it was less than a few days we were under contract and closing just a couple of months later. 

We soon happened upon a lot for sale by our kids school and knew right away we wanted to build there. It had been under contract 3 times before us but for various reasons it fell through which we are so grateful for - I like to think it was being held just for us :) Finding a rental to live in the meantime was stressful. We thought we found one we wanted but we were too late getting our contract in before someone else. I remember when we found out, I had a wave of peace rush over me. It was like someone was telling me, "don't worry. There is something better coming for you." It was just a couple days later that a rental popped up just a block from our lot where we are building, in the same neighborhood, and ward, right next door to one of our close friends. Their was a mutual connection with the landlord - her son was serving in the same mission as my brother, and I knew her daughter-in-law as well. Reminder of what a small world it can be, and comforting at the same time.

It was such a reassurance that we were going where we needed to go and doing what we needed to do. We will miss this home but are excited for our next adventure!

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