Camp Utah

Another Camp Utah for the books. I can't believe this girl only has one more until she's a SENIOR (?!?!?!). We started when she was just SIX YEARS OLD (crying emoji). Can't believe my baby is all grown up. We had such a great time this year. It gets a little crazier now that Crystal and I have more kids, but we still manage to fit in a lot of fun and one on one time without the kiddos. We did a lot of the same things as previous years. I didn't take nearly as many pictures so I can't quite even remember all that we did but I do know we hiked the Y, had a lot of pool days, got our nails done, went to comedy sportz, had a girls night at a local hotel and hiked Stewart falls the next morning, ate lots of great food and just had a blast hanging out together. I am so grateful we get to do this every year because it has allowed us to stay so close with our little sister who lives so far away. I will be very sad when it's over (probably after next summer). We joke with her that she will have to do a Camp Utah with the little girl cousins once she's graduated. 

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