Fourth of July

I honestly think Provo is one of the best places to be on the Fourth of July. It is so festive and there is so much going on. Each year, the day before, we check out the festival on center street and hit up my sister's ward block party. They always have fun activities for the kids, a DJ and dancing, and (everyone's favorite) the guy who shoots fireworks out of a back pouch while riding a bike back and forth on the block. Its a hit. The kids get to stay up late and we watch the fireworks that light off at the end. It is seriously the best time ever and right up there with the actual holiday itself. 

On the fourth of July we get together with family for breakfast and then we watch the provo parade. I was so sad we wouldn't be in our center street home this year to watch the parade, but the night before the guy who bought our home asked us if we wanted to come and watch the parade with them. He also asked us to come every year if we'd like. YES WE WOULD LOVE THAT THANK YOU SO MUCH! So nice. They even saved us a spot right up front and all the kids were so happy to have a front row view of the parade. 

After the parade we go to alpine for a pool party and bbq. It always feels so good after sitting in the heat during the parade. After dinner we usually drive down to Hans and Traci's to watch them light off their own amazing fireworks and light sparklers. We go to bed late and are happily exhausted by the end. 4th of July is definitely one of my very favorite holidays, especially with all the fun photo ops in red white and blue ;)

The owners put up adorable festive bunting

face painting at the provo festival

block party! the kids loved riding the little zipline into the pool

free cotton candy :)

Jayne asked if she could do my hair that afternoon ;)

can you just feel his excitement through the screen??

Cuties in matching 4th of july dresses 

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