Jayne turns SEVEN

I just can't. It's too hard to say that this baby girl of mine, the baby that made me a MOTHER, is now seven years old. Every year on her birthday I am filled with such gratitude to have her as my oldest daughter, and also a pit in my stomach because it kills me how old she is getting way too darn fast. She will always be my baby no matter what. And while she is in reality no longer a baby, I am so very proud of the young girl she is becoming. I don't take credit. She blows me away with her empathy for others, her creativity and natural talents, her faith and testimony in Jesus Christ, her optimistic attitude, and her beauty inside and out. She's truly incredible.

For her birthday we kept it a little more low-key this year. I let her invite one friend and her cousin Savannah to do color-me-mine, go swimming, and get slurpees afterwards (tradition for our 7-11 baby). That night we went up to the cabin for a family event honoring Grandpa Frank. It was fitting, because Jayne absolutely adores her Grandpa Frank and has an honest connection with him beyond the veil. We also celebrated her birthday up there (and a couple other cousins) with cake and ice cream. 

It was a great birthday!

Jayne helped vinny write this on his artwork. I wish I had a picture of Jayne's!! 

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