Deep Creek Lake Part I

Maryland bound!

Took Frankie to get a professional haircut. It was only $15 and they gave him unlimited snacks and top of the line service. All the ladies were fawning over him, it was really pretty cute.

Looking handsome!

Frankie LOVED riding in Gigi's convertible

So proud of my little brother Ryan earning his Eagle Scout!

So much love for this home (the home I grew up in starting in 4th grade)

We made it to the lake! First things first, jump in with our clothes on ;)

Lots of family boat rides!

That time we took up the entire over-flow room at the branch building

We got Frank his own byu backpack before the flight to Maryland. He was obsessed with it. So much so, he asked to sleep with it every night!

My mom started a tradition called "Gigi spotlight" this year at the lake where she does a spotlight on one of the grandkids. They never know who it will be so they get so excited with anticipation each night. The night it was Frankie, Hans (who basically wants to be his older brothers) walked straight up there too and wouldn't leave. Too cute.

One night we went for ice cream on the boat and when we got back down to the boat it was SINKING! It had a problem so my dad had to tow it to a shop and we all had to wait for my sister to come pick us up in the bus. It was a late night for everybody, but still memorable. 

I love watching my little ones faces while they sleep. Mmmm

Wiped out!

The "three amigos"

It's crazy, but we somehow manage to fit everyone on board!

Another one bites the dust

Awesome hair

Riding the river!

One of my favorite things about the lake are watching the cousin relationships form at such a young age. These kids are truly the luckiest.

Finding the kids asleep somewhere on a regular basis... being outdoors all day long will do that to you.

There is always a battle over who will drive the boat with Papa

Jayne admires her cousin Jordy so much

Classic chocolate face!

Since he's too little to be particular about ice cream flavors, I always do vanilla for easier clean-up ;)

Sista Sista!

Caught in a rain storm on our way home from ice cream one afternoon! The kids loved piling underneath towels all together and freaking out over the thunder and lightning (the rest of us mamas panicking and praying we don't get struck, LOL)

The older cousins spent a solid day building mini homes and communities around trees in the backyard for fairies, bugs, etc. It was adorable.

Emory bites the dust

post nap adorableness 

I was pretty bummed I wouldn't be able to waterski since I was pregnant. But my dad bought a wake-surfing board this year and so we were able to wake surf! It's a lot slower than water skiing and way less risk of getting injured at all. I was one happy pregnant woman to be able to do this everyday. It was addicting! It's so fun to watch people do it, and do it ourselves, we had such a fun time figuring it out all together (since it was our first time) and encouraging each other on. 

Sweet sleepy head taking a nap. I know, I take a lot of sleeping photos but honestly, I love looking at them.

Frankie actually took this adorable photo of Amy! I love it!

Cute boy behind the wheel!!!

These two became quite the duo!

Lake = heaven for this chica

She's just pleased as punch

Hallway shenanigans with this stinker who refuses to stay in nursery

I have to sit in with him and he was being so cute pushing this baby around in the stroller for a majority of the hour.

Such a good day when DAD ARRIVES!

The best bedtime snuggles every night from this kid

My favorite view

It's truly a magical place!

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