Deep Creek Lake Part II

Every year the boys have a day to go golfing while we stay home with the kids, and every year we get a day to have a girls lunch out while the boys stay home with the kids. It is a nice reprieve from the chaos and so fun to chat with all these ladies uninterrupted! This year our luncheon fell on my mom's birthday which made it extra special. We ate at a delicious seafood spot (can't remember the name). 

It's the one day we actually "get ready" with our hair done and make-up so we usually take advantage of photo opportunities ;)

Jayne made this adorable gift for my mom for her birthday. Inside was a ceramic magnet that she painted for her.

Richards Challenge!

We did sweatshirts this year, which were a big hit

Traditional crab feast. My favorite meal of the whole vacation.

One of our favorite activities is taking the canoe across to the other side of our little cove to a "private beach". It has soft sand and the kids can build sand castles and play in the water. We had fun escaping there a couple times to just be together as our own little family. The kids would often go on little adventures there with cousins too.

Jayne had Steve bring out her pink skirt that she got for her birthday from Grandma. She wore it nearly everyday everywhere she went. It got so many tears on it, but at least it was well-worn!

Paddle boarding with dad the last day of trip

So hard to say goodbye to this! Another great year to remember!

Before leaving Maryland we made sure to drive by Steve's old home on Birdale Ln. 

And we stopped by where it all began... DC LDS Temple

And of course, a meal at our favorite Rio Grande for the best ever steak fajitas that are simply out of this world and nothing, I mean NOTHING compares.

And somehow my photos are out of order, but below are some photos from our day at the Garrett County Fair while at the lake!

This picture is one of my favorites. Can you just feel his joy?!!

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