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coming back to Sunday dinner makes softens the sting of leaving the lake :)

tired boy on the way home from grandma's

the next day hans asked to get on his lifejacket. 
he was used to the routine at the lake for three weeks :)

jayne's very own hairdo ;)

came downstairs to see the kids playing pretend in the dress ups - even the boys! haha. vinny got so mad at me when i tried to take a picture of him. i hope he wont hate me for posting it on here...

the other boys :)

peach season!!!

means peach pie!

just needs the topping of homemade whipped cream. Yum!

A cute sight to see. 

escaping the heat for some tumble gym fun

jayne spent a good portion of the summer building fairy homes.

they are so adorable

we did pottytraining! it was easy and i was so grateful.

more dress up fun ;)

cousin movie night!

golf cart fun with dad at work

this boy struggled adjusting to nursery. he seriously despises it. 

check out that stink face

home and happy!

i love him

no, i freaking love him

summer nights on the swing. 

BACK TO SCHOOL FEAST! I didn't have it in me this year to be cutesy and creative. Pregnant Dayna = Lame Dayna. Haha. I asked the kids if they wanted to go to Tucanos instead and they all united screamed YES! Done and done. They made their own crowns (which they loved doing) and were so happy to eat one of their very favorite meals (vinny ate more steak than me!). 

that bike has been the best thing of our lives. 

just a cutie in the back seat :)

living the good life.

i made meatballs for dinner and the kids were SO excited about it that Frankie asked me to take a picture of him with his meatball. Haha.

First day of second grade!!!

Back to school neighborhood party at my friend Sarah's house. Slip-in-slide was a hit.

This boy became obsessed with helmets and riding his bike outside. He would get SO mad if we ever tried to take off his helmet. One day he even wore it for his nap. I was surprised he actually slept with it on!

Tons of pool days at Grandma's

Testing out Kate's hammock bed

Pretty sunset on the way home from alpine.

Game nights with the college kids. I usually get suckered into making them cookies. They know my weak spot.

Can't believe my baby brother is at BYU! How did this happen!?

Early stages of designing our new home.

Utah really knows how to do sunsets right. Such a pretty site out our window.

Reward for a boy who is potty trained!

One of my favorite views. I love how we can come here and spend a whole afternoon, the kids have so much fun, and they come home completely exhausted and ready for bed.

Long hair troubles 

First day of Kindergarten! I can't even believe it!

Date night with this dork

Jayne came into my room telling me she was ready for school. I was pretty out of it since she woke me up and then I just started laughing! Straight up laughing, I couldn't stop. She got so annoyed with me asking me why I was laughing. I tried to play it cool and take a picture to document. I really should have just let her go to school like that, but I made her change. Sorry Jayne!

I love watching the boys ride their bikes. They spend hours doing so. 

The kids take turns setting the table. This particular night was Frankie's turn. I didn't direct him at all, other than I got the stuff down and told him to set it out by himself. He did a pretty good job for a three year old!

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