10 years! (Our Love Story Part I)

Steve and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary (!!!) this month. It felt pretty wild to know we'd been married 10 years. It's cliche, but it doesn't feel like that long ago he was giving me my first guitar lesson, but also feels like I've known him forever (half my life!). We started the day off with our traditional family breakfast. We normally go to Maglebys Fresh but the kids really wanted donuts this time so we did that instead. After, we went to the temple and did sealings. That night, Monette watched the kids so we could spend a night in Park City. We stayed at Hotel Park City - it is such a charming hotel I want to go back to. We got room service for breakfast, walked around the outlets, and got lunch before heading back home.

So I thought it would be fun in honor of our ten year anniversary to share our story of how we met and fell in love. Hopefully our kids will one day read this and find it fun? Who knows. Either way, here it is!

Steve and I grew up in the same stake (different wards) but it wasn't until the summer I was 15 years old that we started hanging out with mutual friends. I was quickly drawn to him. He was tall, dark, and handsome, but more than that, I really liked his fun personality, his confidence, his taste in music, and also how for being so attractive he didn't act like he knew it.

One night we had a group of friends at my house. He was there and when he saw my guitar and asked if I knew how to play, I told him that I knew a little but my old guitar teacher had left for college. He picked up my guitar and started playing and casually offered to teach me. I told him yes and it was just a few months later (after his soccer season ended) that we had our first lesson. I remember so clearly that day. I was so nervous because I had a huge crush on him and wanted to make a good impression. When he came inside and sat at the piano to tune my guitar, I remember watching his hands hit the keys and thinking to myself, 'what if I married this guy?' The thought gave me butterflies. It was fun to find out later that the same thought had crossed his mind too.

After our first guitar lesson we found any opportunity to hang out. We just liked being together. We connected so quickly. We shared mutual interests, both felt out of place in high school, both had similar goals and aspirations in life. We'd go get food, we'd hang out at his house, watch movies, listen to music, go to CD stores, meet up with friends, go to concerts for bands we liked, etc. He would come over for guitar lessons which eventually became "guitar lessons" my dad liked to say, because we'd end up just hanging out for a few hours after.

We had been "hanging out" (I wasn't supposed to date until I was 16 years old) and chatting on AIM (lol) for a few weeks, and when we would go on drives we would play the "pa-diddle" game. That is, if we saw a car with only one headlight you had to hit the ceiling of the car as fast as you could and yell "pa-diddle!" and whoever had the most by the end of the night was the winner. One particular day we did this, we made a bet and said the loser would have to do something for the winner, their choice. That night Steve won and so over AIM later he jokingly (but not so jokingly) told me that he wanted a kiss for winning. He was so smooth ;)

He never brought it up when we got together next, but I knew he was going out of town to Utah with his family and I wanted to kiss him before he left. I was nervous to kiss him on my doorstep at the end of the night because I was afraid my parents would open the door or be there as we pulled up and I would lose my chance (no way was I going to kiss him in front of my parents! Ha!). So just before pulling up to my house at the end of the day, I told him to pull over so I could give him his "padiddle reward" (I'm embarrassed as I type this, haha). 

It was a great kiss!

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