For fall break I packed up the car with my four kids and drove the 10 hours to AZ to visit my sisters and their families. Steve had soccer and couldn't go anywhere but I was desperate for some sort of vacation. It was totally worth the drive. The kids had a blast with their cousins and I loved getting to spend time with my sisters and get a little break from having to entertain my kids!

We went on a hike, went to parks, the splash pad, the pool, walks, a fair at Jordy's school, and even had a kid-free sister dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. I even got to visit my friend Courtney and meet her new baby boy Cap. On the way home I decided to split up the drive so I could visit my brother's family in Las Vegas for a night. The kids were thrilled to get to see more cousins and play at their house for an evening before driving home the next day. 

So I was pretty proud of my planning before the drive and just thought I'd share this. I knew there was no way I could safely hand out snacks throughout the drive and I knew I'd go crazy if I had them constantly asking for things. I didn't want to be dangerously trying to dish out snacks and DID NOT want to ever have to pull over. So, I prepped the kids and told them that they would each have their own snack bag. I put everything into ziplocks so they could open everything on their own. And they each had a couple water bottles (I had extra waterbottles they could ask for if they needed more water). I told them that once their bag ran out of snacks, THAT WAS IT. So they would need to be careful not to eat them all at once. We would stop for lunch, but there wouldn't be any other snacks. You guys, it worked like a charm! A couple of them ate their snacks so fast but didn't SAY A WORD about it the rest of the drive. They knew the deal. So I was able to drive without having to hear them ask for anything other than an occasional water. Jayne was super helpful and would open water bottles for Hans and Frankie so I didn't have to. It was great!

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