Labor Day Weekend

Steve and I both got stomach bugs the day we drown to CA with the kids for Labor Day weekend. Frank threw up the first night at the hotel and I was completely out of commission all of Sunday morning after being up all night long taking care of business (if you know what I mean). But! We beached it up everyday (heaven!), saw the Newport temple, went to a family movie (Kubo), went swimming at the hotel, and completely trashed the car with junk food and leftover sand for days. The kids would have been thrilled doing nothing other than just simply sleeping in the hotel room they were so giddy about it, so I'd call our Labor Day weekend quite a success under the circumstances? I sure love the time we get to spend as a family, no matter where we are or what we are doing!

We did arm wrestles while waiting for our pizza to be ready. hans was cracking us up when it was his turn to wrestle.

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