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Frank's first day of Preschool!

My gnarly spider veins from pregnancy. Thankfully they went away!

More fairy house making :)

Love it

Our family got to be a part of a photoshoot for Gathre

They were pretty good sports about it ;)

Hello there blue eyes!

Double date at Pizzeria - me, steve, hans, and frank 
(can't remember where vinny and jayne were, maybe at crystal's?)

Lots of trips to hokulia for shaved ice!

we love living near byu and running around campus!

a Book of Mormon party for our ward. They invited people to dress up like Book of Mormon times of old. I was pretty proud of what we ended up with considering our lack of costumes.

I thought Hans looked so dang cute

Shooting bow and arrows

Making their own clay sculptures

And "gold plates"

They did a little dance performance and hans was so intrigued while watching, he stood there the whole time.

Drove the canyon to see the colorful leaves!

Jayne's homework

Looking so grown up with a towel hair wrap

Baby bump!

Mommy-daughter date with my best gal

That time Taylor came over and Frank was ECSTATIC that they just happened to be wearing the EXACT same outfit. I could not stop laughing. These two are peas in a pod.

I may be having a baby girl, but this one will ALWAYS be my baby boy!

Celebrated my Grandma's 91st birthday!

Nerf gun wars!! These two were cracking me up. Steve is the best "boy dad"

Cute little hand position while sleeping

A little provo rec fun with these two!

Frank's excitement level was off the charts!

All white dinner for POMS (power of moms)

Tested out the double buns... They were fun for an hour and then I took them out. Ha

Sleepy Sundayzzzzz

My buddy!!!

Jayne's homework. Rescue, rehabilitate, release :)

can you tell which one ended up being MY homework?

VEGAS!!! Highlight of September was celebrating Lauren's 30th birthday! We surprised her with a trip to Vegas to see Celine Dion (group effort but Kate gets all credit for the idea!). We left the kids and drove down for the weekend. Our first stop was Shake Shack!

The first night we walked the strip, saw the Bellagio fountains, and ate a late dinner at Serendipity!

These girlies had a blast at Grandma's while we were away. Lucky kids.

We stayed in an amazing "casita" that is part of my brother's in-law's apartment building. It is kind of unreal. We felt so spoiled in the spa! It was seriously so extravagant and fancy!!

The hot tub! The best part was that we had it completely to ourselves.

Hey Hey! 

Dolled up and ready to celebrate with CELINE!

First things first, ALL YOU CAN EAT BACHANAL BUFFET for our birthday girl. 
We Maglebys don't mess around.

It's time!

Good times driving top down in Kate's convertible. Such a memorable trip!

Jayne's homemade pokemon!

Yoga with Dad!

We spent an evening up at the cabin for some fall air and colorful leaves. We attempted to take some cousin photos!

These two were cracking me up. We told them to laugh and they made the funniest forced laughs.


The sweetest face you've ever seen

Love him so much 

Doubles on the bike!

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